GIFS are so fun, they’re the most fun! GIFS are like the moving photos in Harry Potter. But sometimes there’s a particular part of a GIF you want to highlight or crop out. In this article I’ll show you how to resize GIFS in 3 easy steps:

  1. Upload GIF
  2. Resize your GIF
  3. Finish and share

Here’s my banana revealing itself GIF before and after I resized it:

Before Resizing

In this version, I kept the aspect ratio the same. But I could also change the aspect ratio or crop out a certain part of the video like this:

Step 1: Upload your GIF

[Kapwing’s Video Resizer is great for cropping and adjusting dimensions of videos!](

Have the link to your GIF handy or have it saved to your device. You can also paste a URL from a site like Giphy. Then, upload your GIF to Kapwing’s Video Resize tool.

Step 2: Resize your GIF

Now that your GIF is uploaded, choose your dimensions in the left-hand panel. You can pick whether you want it sized for Instagram (IGTV, post, and story), Snapchat, Youtube, or Facebook (portrait, landscape, and cover). I chose 1:1 for Instagram.

Resize for Instagram, Story (Snap/Insta), IGTV, Youtube, Facebook/Twitter Portrait, Facebook/Twitter Landscape, Facebook Cover

You can then choose your dimensions and zoom to your satisfaction. To crop a specific part of the GIF, use the arrows below the preview to shift your zoom in the direction of your choosing. Only choose No Crop if you want to change the dimensions without losing anything, you can select a black or white background.

Choose Crop or No Crop and Black or White

Step 3: Finish and share

When your GIF is finished processing, you can download it directly to your device or copy and paste the Kapwing link to share. You can also go back and edit the GIF's size, if you want to adjust your settings.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or concerns. Share your GIFs with us on social media @kapwingapp.

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