Add Video Effects Online: filters, slow-mo, and more

Hoping to create the next viral video? Editing video footage is no small task, but the good news is, you can now easily add video effects online. Here's how.

Add Video Effects Online: filters, slow-mo, and more

Making awesome videos is an art, no doubt about that. Whether you’re aiming for YouTube stardom, TikTok fame, or timeless IGTV glory, captivating videos will be key. However, there’s no reason to be intimidated. With the right tools, you can unleash your creative juices and start producing great video content faster.

If you need to add video effects online, Kapwing’s Online Video Editor is an ideal place to start. You can easily adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the video, flip or rotate it, and add text, emojis, images, or shapes. The best part is, it’ll only take a few clicks!

Here’s what you’ll need to do to add video effects online:

1.     Upload your video to the Video Editor

2.     Adjust the video

3.     Add text, emojis, and shapes

4.     Publish, download, and enjoy!

Let's dig right in.

1.     Upload to the Video Editor

To start adding video effects online, go to and upload your chosen video to the Video Editor. If you’ve already uploaded your video on Youtube or Vimeo, you can simply copy and paste the link directly to save time and hassle.

2.     Adjust the Video

This step is where the fun really begins. Using the tools provided in your Video Editor studio, you can adjust the video’s colors, brightness, and contrast. Once you’re happy with the result, you can also rotate or flip your video and add background. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

3.     Add Text, Emojis, and Shapes

Now that your video is ready to go, you can add some final touches. Adding subtitles or text is usually a great idea if you’re planning to post your video on social media. Typically, on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, people don’t always watch videos with sound on, so text can be really helpful. Finally, you can add emojis or shapes to make it more fun.

4.     Publish and Download

If you’ve added the video effects that you wanted, it’s time to hit that “Publish” button and download your video. Don’t forget to tag if you’re posting your video on social – we’d love to see what you came up with!

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