7 Easy Ways to Add Animation to Videos for Free

Keeping people interested in your videos can be a challenge, but adding an animation to your video is a simple way to remedy that. A free, online tool you can use to add animations to videos is Kapwing Studio, which offers 7 video animation options.

7 Easy Ways to Add Animation to Videos for Free

With a million and one videos on the internet competing for attention, keeping people interested in your videos can be a challenge. Creators use many strategies to draw viewers in, and one simple strategy is to add an animation to the video.

Video animations introduce your video onto the screen with a little bit of movement and can help entice people to stay watching for longer. A free, online tool you can use to add animations to videos is Kapwing Studio, which offers 7 video animation options:

Drop In

Have your video land onto the screen from above with the Drop In effect. This effect is great for commanding attention in a presentation or advertisement video.


Videos go from blurry to clear with the Fade effect. This is a versatile effect that creates a smooth transition onto the screen and is often used in advertisements, vlogs, tutorials, and other professional content.

Pop In

Videos move directly at the viewer before settling back onto the screen with the Pop In effect. Use this to grab attention in upbeat compilation and montage videos.

Slide Up

Videos fade in and move slightly upwards with the Slide Up effect. Introduce videos in a subtle and calming manner using this effect in presentations, webinars, and content that markets your brand.


Your video is revealed with a swipe to the side through the Reveal effect. It gives off a classy vibe whether you're using it for a presentation, advertisement, or vlog.


Imitate the video coming to life with the Flicker effect, which introduces the video with a series of flashes. This is a dramatic effect that works well in music videos and montages.

Hue Rotate

Your video will be awash with rotating rainbow colors when you use Hue Rotate. This is a fun effect that makes memes and humorous videos even more entertaining.

Here's how to add any of these animations to your video in just a few clicks:

  1. Open Kapwing and upload a video
  2. Choose your animation
  3. Export and download

1. Open Kapwing and upload a video

To get started, head to the Kapwing Studio. Add your video layer to the canvas by uploading a file from your device, dragging & dropping the file, or pasting the link to a video. The list of links we support includes YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

2. Choose your animation

Once your video is uploaded, select the video layer by clicking on it, then choose the "Animate" tab on the right side. To apply an animation to the video, simply click one of the seven options. You can also adjust the speed of the animation to make it slower or faster.

Choose your animation under the "Animate" tab on the right side

You can also animate text, images, and GIFs in Kapwing Studio! Animate these elements through the same process as described above. Insert a text box by clicking the "Text" button or an image/GIF using the "Images" button. With the element selected, choose an animation under the "Animate" tab again.

A GIF animated with hue rotate

3. Export and download

To save your finished project, click the red "Export Video" button in the top right corner. After your video processes, you can remove the watermark for free by signing into your account. Download the video to your device by selecting the "Download" button or share the project with others by sending them the URL to the video.

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