10 Discord Halloween Profile Picture Ideas

Be who you want to be for Halloween with an eye-catching profile picture. Read this article for avatar inspiration for Discord.

10 Discord Halloween Profile Picture Ideas

The spookiest time of the year is approaching, and online communities are celebrating with Halloween-themed profile pictures. Discord members are no exception, even with the small dimensions for a pfp.

With a little creativity, a 128x128 pixel picture can become a spooktacular image that stands out in the member list. The key to maximizing this space is choosing a picture with a large subject, minimal text, and captivating details visible from afar. Finding a profile picture that meets these criteria can be difficult, so to save time, I've compiled 10 Halloween profile picture ideas you can use on Discord. Scroll to view each PFP, then create a unique version for your avatar.

Halloween Cartoon PFP

Halloween cartoon PFPs make a debut every year without fail. This PFP is for those looking for something less frightening while partaking in this yearly tradition. You can search for images of your favorite show on Pinterest and Google, then resize the photo to fit as your new server avatar.

Pumpkin Emoji PFP

Creators have repurposed emojis as PFPs since their launch, and it's easy to see why. This simplistic yet compelling image is enough to make a statement. A pumpkin emoji is easy to create and can be combined with emojis to design a unique PFP.

Modified Discord Logo PFP

This profile picture is for the avid Discord fan, and stylizing the iconic controller logo into a spooky PFP isn't as challenging as it looks. In this example, I used triangles for fang, added a ghost GIF in the corner, and placed a lightning GIF in the background. The results? A vampire-style Discord logo PFP.

Spooky PFP

Jump scares are no longer reserved for videos. With the right GIF, you can create the same startled reaction for your profile picture, but you'll need a Discord Nitro subscription to upload animated GIFs. Alternatively, you can use Kapwing to split and trim a jump scare from a video, then export the MP4 as a GIF.

Anime Halloween PFP

Anime style profile pictures are used all year round and Halloween is no exception. Supporters of this popular art form typically embellish existing PFPs with witch hats, jack-o-lanterns, and ghosts.

Spider Profile Picture

Spiders slowly inching across a profile picture is an easy way to create a Halloween themed image with your current PFP. For this example, I search for spiders GIFs with Kapwing, an online video editor, then resized and arranged each GIF onto my Discord logo profile picture.

Matching Halloween PFP

Couples and best friends have been raving over matching PFPs, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to create a new design to swoon over. You can crop out sections from a picture then save them individually to use for matching Halloween PFPs.

Ghost Profile Picture

When all else fails, a ghost GIF or still image is a go-to profile picture for this time of the year. You can find a variety of ghost GIFs ranging from cute to creepy to meet your preferences.  

Skull Profile Picture

A skull profile picture can be customized to your liking so it stands out from other users with the same profile picture in mind. The image below is an example of a fun twist on the popular PFP. You can find free illustration using popular stock photo sites, then add filters, overlays, borders, and animated stickers to make it your own.

Cute Halloween Profile Picture

While Halloween isn't known for pretty imagery, you can still manage to combine cute aesthetics with traditional Halloween visuals to make a cute PFP.

Redesign your profile banner, invite background, and server banner with bats, ghosts, and goblins to give your entire server a Halloween makeover. For more tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel, then head over to Twitter and Instagram for updates on all things Kapwing.

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