The perks for Discord Nitro just got better with the release of custom avatars and nicknames across servers. This update empowers users to showcase a new identity while navigating different communities.

The goal of this feature is simple. Be who you want to be. You can add a professional PFP for work-related servers and funny PFPs for communities with friends. Any server you don't update will display your primary profile avatar. In this article, I’ll show you how to change your Discord server identity with a custom image. Let's get started!

  1. Upload and resize server avatar in Kapwing Studio
  2. Edit server avatar
  3. Export and download
  4. Change server identity

Step One: Upload and Resize Server Avatar in Kapwing Studio

In this tutorial, I’m using Kapwing, a free online video editor, to resize and edit my server avatar. You can use Kapwing on any device with a browser for hassle-free content creation. With intuitive tools for modern creators, you can edit on the go with your phone and tablet or with a computer. I suggest using a computer so you can easily launch Discord to change your server identity.

Visit Kapwing in your browser and click "Start Editing" or "Create a Workspace." The second option is ideal if you’re making multiple avatars. All you need is an email address to sign up for a free Kapwing account, then give your workspace a name and click "New Content." You can edit your avatars for up to two days and download a watermark-free project. If you want to jump right into making the avatar, click "Start Editing" to open the Studio.

Drag and drop a PNG, JPG or GIF, click "Upload," or paste a link to import your avatar into the Studio, then click "Custom" under "Output Size" and change the dimensions to 128x128.

Keep in mind that your avatar will be cropped into a circle so a choose an image with the subject in the center. The crop tool on the right side of the Studio makes for a great Discord avatar cropper if you want to highlight a specific section of the image.

Step Two: Edit Server Avatar

You can customize the avatar so it better represents your identity for a particular server. Add an animation for an animated Discord avatar, overlay shapes, or place a border over your avatar to make it eye-catching.

Click "Elements" to pick a shape, then drag the ends to adjust the size. You can customize the outline, change the color, and adjust the opacity to your liking. If you want to find overlays, click the Image Search tab on the toolbar. Avoid using text because it will be difficult to read on your avatar.

Step Three Export and Download

Make any final tweaks to your server avatar and when you’re happy, click "Export Image" at the top left corner of the Studio to begin processing the project. From here, click "Download" to save the avatar to your computer.

Step Four: Change Server Identity

Log into Discord on your computer, then right-click on your current server avatar in the member list and click Edit Server Profile. If you don't see this option and you're a Nitro subscriber, wait a few days as this feature is still rolling out.

From here, type a nickname for the server you’re in, then click the upload icon next to your avatar to change the picture. Save the changes and you're all set to debut your new identity! If at anytime you want to revert the changes, click Reset to Primary Avatar. Continue this process for every server avatar you wish to change.

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