There aren't many easy ways to make text look more exciting, but adding a drop shadow is one of them. The shadow effect makes text stand out by providing texture and elevating the text to the forefront of an image. When used well, shadow text can make a design look more sophisticated and help your message go further.

Adding shadows to text can be done easily within a few clicks online using Kapwing's free editing software. In this article, I'll walk you through the process and provide tips on how to use color, blur, and distance to create drop shadows that look good.

Shadows on text can help draw attention

Here's how to add a drop shadow effect to text online:

  1. Create a text box in Kapwing Studio
  2. Add & adjust your drop shadow
  3. Customize the background
  4. Export & download

1. Create a text box in Kapwing Studio

Head to Kapwing Studio and click "Get Started". The Studio is a one-stop shop for multimedia editing where you can create content that involves text, images, videos, and GIFs.

To add a text box, simply click "Text" in the top toolbar and a text box will automatically be generated on a blank canvas. There are a variety of edits you can make to your text before adding a drop shadow – feel free to change the text color, font, alignment, outline, or even add an animation.

2. Add & adjust your drop shadow

To add a shadow to the text, select the text box and click the "Effects" tab on the right side, then choose "Drop Shadow." From here on out, it's all about making your shadow look the way you want. Change the shadow color and adjust the blur, distance, and rotation of the text shadow using the sliders. You can also go back to the "Edit" tab to alter features of the text itself such as its color, outline, or font.

Here are some tips and ideas for making good looking text shadows:

  • Use contrasting colors. The colors you choose for the shadow, the text itself, and the background affect how coherent the overall design looks. Choose a shadow color that contrasts with the text and background color so your text is readable. Try to work within a color palette; if you need ideas, check out these pastel color palettes or create your own!

  • Keep shadows close to the text. Shadows that are farther away make the text harder to read and end up detracting from the overall visual. Keep the slider for distance towards the left so the shadow is directly under the text.

  • Try a glow text effect. Make your text extra eye-catching with the classic glowing effect. Move the sliders for distance and rotation all the way to the left while keeping blur in the middle, and use light colors for the text and shadow. Check out this article to learn more about creating glowing text.

3. Customize your background

Set the background color to transparent if you want to save your text as a PNG graphic. To do this, click on the space around the canvas and select the background color option with the red slash through it. Alternatively, you can choose a solid background color.

You can also use an image, video, or GIF as your background. Click the "Upload" button to bring your files into the project or search for images or GIFs right within the editor through the "Images" tab.

4. Export & Download

Once you're pleased with how everything looks, click the red "Export" button in the top left corner and your project will begin processing. After a few moments, your creation will be ready for downloading and sharing. You may notice a small Kapwing watermark in the corner of your content – this can be removed for free by simply signing into your Kapwing account. To save the file to your device, click "Download" or share the URL with others so they can see your work.

Enjoy experimenting with text shadows and the Kapwing editor! For more content creation tips and tricks, subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube and share your creations with us on Twitter @KapwingApp.

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