If you watch any streaming content at all, you’re familiar with the overlay frames that top creators add to their Twitch streams. Twitch overlays can make content look more professional, more personalized, and easier to watch. If you find an easy enough way to make yours, you can even make different overlays for different types of streams – for example, using one overlay design for Fortnite streams and another design for PUBG streams can give your channel the look of a top-level streamer, even if you’re new to Twitch.

There are a few different tools you can use, but I recommend using Kapwing to design and download your Twitch frame overlay. With Kapwing, you can combine any elements you want, from images and text to GIFs and shapes, on the same canvas, and easily erase or remove any part of your project’s background. Plus, it’s free to use, completely online, and gives you cloud storage for your overlay files. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Use a Twitch overlay template or start from scratch
  2. Edit and arrange your design
  3. Download and add to your stream

Step 1: Use a Twitch overlay template or start from scratch

To make the process as quick & easy as possible, we made a few different Twitch overlay templates for you to get started with. Just click “Make It” to start editing.

Fortnite Overlay Template:


PUBG Overlay Template:


Generic Twitch Overlay Template:


If you’d prefer to start from scratch, head over to Kapwing.com and click “Start Editing” to go to the Kapwing Studio. Here, you can add any elements you want, as well as remove the background from an overlay you like, or customize a picture you found online.

Step 2: Edit and rearrange your design

If you started with a Twitch Overlay Template, you can replace the text layers with what you want and press “Publish” to use the default version. But you might want to make the overlay your own by editing parts of the canvas to look just the way you want. Click on a text box to change its font, color, or background. You can also add additional images or designs by clicking the “Images” tab in the top toolbar and searching the web for the layer you want to add, or uploading one from your computer.

Edit every part of your Twitch Overlay image in the Kapwing Studio

If you’re starting from scratch, begin by making your background transparent. Then add shapes, images, and text using the tabs in the upper toolbar. Make sure your Kapwing project has the correct dimensions for the screen you’re streaming from. For some devices, the correct dimensions are 2560x1440, or an aspect ratio of 16:9. For others, the optimal dimensions are a bit taller, at 2560x1600 – this is the aspect ratio of Kapwing's Twitch overlay templates.

Step 3. Download and add to your stream

When you're satisfied with your Twitch overlay, click "Publish" in the upper right-hand corner of the Studio. Your transparent PNG file will be processed and ready to download in just a few seconds. Once your overlay is finished processing, select "Download" from the right side of the screen, and your Twitch overlay will be saved to your device.

To add your custom overlay to your streams, you’ll need to use your streaming software itself. In OBS, for example, it’s simple to add your Twitch overlay to your stream. Select the scene you want to use, click the “+” button under “Sources,” and choose “Image.” Here, enter a name for your new image source, make sure it will be visible, and click “Ok.” Next, find your Twitch overlay PNG in your file browser and add it to your scene. You can click and drag the edges of the image layer to make it fit to your streaming window in the OBS overview.

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