Instagram has supported video content for a long time now, but they still don't give you nearly as many options as other platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

TL;DR – Use the Instagram Studio to trim your videos into shorter sections and upload them all in one Instagram post.

One of the biggest restrictions on Instagram video content is the length of videos you're able to post. Since no videos longer than 60 seconds in length can be posted to your main Instagram feed, you can't share anything longer than a TikTok with your followers. I'll show you how to share up to 10 minutes of video in a single post.

You two options to post videos longer than 60 seconds on Instagram:

Option 1: Cut your video into shorter clips

Option 2: Upload to IGTV

Which option should you choose, and what works best for Instagram? Let’s take a look.

Option 1: Cut Your Video into Shorter Clips

Instagram stories only allow 15-second video clips, whereas you can post one minute videos on your feed. If you have a longer video that you want to post, your best bet will be to cut the video up into short sections:

  • If it’s for an IG story, cut the video into 15-second clips and post them one after another in the same post.
  • If it’s your feed, your video must be shorter than 60 seconds, but you can post up to 10 at a time in a single post, as long as you've broken it up into sections of 60 seconds or less.
  • If it's for Instagram reels, your video must be shorter than 30 seconds.

Keep in mind that for stories, Instagram will chop your video up on its own, but only if the video is no more than a minute long. If you want to control your own content, your best bet is to cut and edit the video yourself.

A screenshot showing how to edit videos in the Kapwing mobile Studio.

I recommend using the Kapwing Studio to cut your clips on a phone or computer. Start by going to in your phone's browser and selecting Start Editing to enter the Studio.

Here, upload your video from your phone or any online location, select the Trim tool, and cutting your video down to a section under 60 seconds long. Tap the Export button, then the Download button, and repeat the process for each 60 second segment you want to post!

B: Upload to IGTV

Earlier last year, Instagram launched a solution for longer videos: Instagram TV, or IGTV for short. If your video is longer than a minute and you don’t want to cut it into separate sections, you can upload it to IGTV where videos up to 10 minutes are allowed.

The trick with IGTV, however, is to pick the right thumbnail for your video to show up in your feed. Instagram allows you to do this when posting, so just make sure you know exactly which shot from the video you want your followers to see in your feed.

A screenshot of video thumbnails in IGTV.

I hope this article helps you share all of your best videos on Instagram, no matter how long they are! If you're interested in more tips and tutorials on creating great digital content in 2021, check out the Kapwing YouTube channel. And while you're here, take a look at some related articles on editing content for Instagram:

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