Crafting is fun. Making things in fun. Knitting, cooking, making slime, painting, sculpture, videos, playing music, all fun. Whatever your craft, sometimes you want to show people how it’s done. What skills do you have that others could want to learn? Here’s an example video I made demonstrating how to tie a daisy chain knot:

Here’s how to make a how to video in 3 steps:

  1. Film yourself doing the thing
  2. Edit your footage
  3. Share

Step 1: Plan and set up

Split your task into parts that would make sense to a casual viewer. Write out each step so you know exactly what you need to film. Think about materials you would need for the task and consider where it makes sense to introduce these materials. Consider taking a video or picture of all your materials before you begin that you can later label and present in the video.

Materials you will need:

  • camera, tripod, and lighting
  • workspace
  • necessary tools for your craft

Step 2: Film

While a fancy video camera or a DSLR will add some element of professionalism, smartphones today have great cameras you can easily work with for creating videos. Set up your camera facing your workspace. If you have a tripod, great! If you don’t, you can ask a friend to film for you or use this DIY smartphone tripod.

Once your camera is set up, use lighting to keep the image clear and declutter your background so there are no distracting objects in the background. If you normally work in a public or noisy place, consider finding somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed while film your video.

Film each step of your work. Make sure you take the time to capture the action in a way that the viewer can easily understand. If you have to do the task twice to film it perfectly from two angles, do that! Film yourself with your finished product that you can use as an intro.

Step 3: Edit your footage

Upload your footage to Kapwing’s video montage maker. Click Get Started. Select click to upload or drag and drop your clips into the box.

Upload by dragging and dropping files

When they are finished uploading, drag your clips to put them in order. Click Trim video to to cut out any extraneous footage at the beginning and end of your clips.

If you want to use two parts of a clip, duplicate the clip and trim each scene to the part you want. If you took photos of your materials or steps, click Edit Duration and time them to be 4 seconds to allow people to fully absorb what’s in the image.

You can make your video the standard 6:19 ratio or, if you’re creating a video for Instagram, you can make your video have a 1:1 ratio. You can also choose other ratios for other platforms. Your video can be fit with a border or by cropping so vertical videos can be made horizontal and visa versa.

When you are happy with your edited video click "Edit in Studio" to finish up your Tutorial video.

Step 4: Add Titles and Images

To add titles, click Edit in Studio. Your video will open in Kapwing’s Studio or you can copy and paste your download link to upload it. Click Text. add, color, size and place your text. Go to  Timeline at the bottom of the Studio to time out your text to match your video. Add an intro title, label your materials, and add a title for each step.

You can also add background music by click Audio.

Step 5: Download and share

When you are happy with your video click Done. You can now download or copy and paste the link to share your video. If you have an iPhone follow these instructions to download.

Thanks for reading! Share your videos with us on social media @kapwingapp.