Zoom has become a staple throughout 2020 with thousands of individuals using it for work, school, and personal needs. However, while it may serve as a great alternative to in-person communication — the setting of your video may not always perfectly convey the tone of the meeting.

Cue zoom backgrounds. Whether you’re attempting to make your workspace look more professional or a personal call more entertaining, uploading a zoom background can easily do the trick.

You can use this custom Zoom Background Maker.

For example, celebrating someone’s birthday via a zoom call. Make the most of the situation by adding a fun, celebratory birthday background to your video. I’ll show you how to do so in just a few easy steps!

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Upload Pictures
  2. Personalize
  3. Download

Step One: Upload Pictures

Head on over to Kapwing.com or the Kapwing app and locate the “Studio” within Tools. Once you click to get started, you’re going to choose between either beginning with a blank canvas or a picture as the background. After you’ve made your decision and find yourself in the studio, locate the output size option on the right toolbar and select 16:9 so that it best fits your computer screen.

Now, upload any additional photos you would like to adorn your zoom background with! To do so, tap “Upload” in the top left corner and select whichever photo(s) you desire.

Step Two: Personalize

Now, edit the background with the additional features offered. By selecting “Text” on the top toolbar, you can add a special happy birthday message to the canvas. Or, if you go to “Images” located beside the text option, you can find specific graphics to compliment your birthday background (for instance, I looked up “balloons transparent”).

Side Tip: Make sure to keep in mind that your head/body will be blocking some of the background while on Zoom. That being said — consider placing images and text in areas that are less likely to be covered.

Step Three: Download

Once the background is looking ready for use, you’re going to want to click the red “Publish” button in the top, right corner. The Kapwing kittens will process your creation and then you simply must select “Download” once the option pops up. Now, it’s ready for use.

You can upload many image layers and use the "Erase" tool to make funny cutouts and stickers for the customized "Happy Birthday" image.

To Use in Zoom

Simply locate “Video Settings” and then within that, “Virtual Background.” There, you will be able to upload your new background to the screen! And voilà — you have a happy birthday Zoom background!

Now that you have the custom Zoom background, you're ready to celebrate your friend's birthday party. Just join the Zoom call and access the virtual background. You can have a few GIFs/images ready to go and swap them in throughout the call.

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