If you spend a lot of time on Twitter, you probably see fancam videos every single day. In the replies to pretty much any kind of massively popular tweet, primarily KPop fans post clip after clip of their favorite groups and performers singing and dancing in live shows.

To a lot of the internet, it's hard to understand the point. But for KPop fans on Twitter, fancams are one of the easiest and most common ways to share your favorite clips with your followers, promote your favorite artists, and drown out Twitter drama.

They're so omnipresent, you might think that anyone can whip one up in an instant. But to make a fancam vid work on Twitter or Instagram, there are a few key edits that you have to make. Here's what you should know to do it all for free & online:

  1. Clip it to under 2:20
  2. Add padding to the sides to make it square
  3. Choose your very favorite section

1. Clip it to under 2:20

Twitter has gradually increased its maximum allowed length for video tweets, but the rules remain a little bit complicated, based on the account, file size, and type of tweet. It's safest to simply trim your video to under 2:20, which will allow you to post your fancam as an original tweet, a reply, or a quote-tweet.

Using the Kapwing Studio, it's easy to upload a concert or music video of any length and trim it down to any section. Select your video and choose "Trim" from the editing menu – here, you can not only trim the beginning and end of your clip, but combine multiple sections by adding cuts in the middle of the video.

2. Add side padding to make it square

For Twitter in particular, this step is crucial. All videos on Twitter are cropped to fit a playback frame between 16:9 and 1:1. But almost all fancam videos are shot in 9:16, by a phone camera.

This means that in order for your fancam videos to look decent on Twitter, they need to have padding added to the sides so the video fits a square frame. I the Kapwing Studio, all you have to do is make your project square with the "Output Size" tool, then select your video and choose "Lock Ratio." Now your video has white padding added to the sides, and it will look clean & visible in anyone's timeline or replies.

If you want, you can even add some extra graphic designs in the background on the sides. Here I cropped 2 different lockscreen designs to frame my fancam:

3. Choose your favorite section

Let's face it – the people who are going to see your fancam videos on Twitter have seen hundreds already. To make sure yours stands out a bit from the crowd, make sure the very beginning of it is one of your favorite parts of a concert.

Using Kapwing, you can select the best part of your clip in just a few seconds. Select your video in the Studio, choose "Trim" in the right-hand menu, and precisely adjust the slider buttons to start with your favorite section for your fancam.

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