The social media world moves fast, and its trends can disappear or come back just as quickly as they began. For example, just this month huge publications like The New York Times and Vox have published articles on Instagram challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting global shutdowns.

The hundreds of Instagram challenges out there are fun to participate in, but they can be hard to find right away. And even once you've found one that you like, they're not always easy to follow – some involve advanced photo editing and design tools, and you may not know where to start.

A few days ago, Instagram actually released a brand new IG Story sticker to help users participate in existing challenges. But it's a little difficult to figure out – what challenges can you use it with? How can you tag friends to participate with you? And what's the best way to identify Instagram's top challenges before they get big? Here's all you need to know.

  1. Finding and adding the #Challenge sticker
  2. Which challenges can you use?
  3. How can you tag friends?
  4. How can you find the best challenges on IG?

OR: Check out this video overview on the #Challenge sticker instead.

1. Finding and adding the #Challenge sticker

Here's the easy part. Tap on "Your Story" in the top left of your Instagram homepage. Access Instagram's stickers by choosing the button on the top edge of your screen that looks like a sticker with a corner folded. Here, you'll find all of Instagram's pre-made stickers, ranging from a round selfie camera to simple graphic messages. The ordering of these stickers changes every time, but you should be able to find the #Challenge one pretty easily by scrolling through.

To add it just tap the sticker and position it anywhere you want on your IG Story. Now you're ready to select a challenge and tag your friends.

2. Which challenges can you use?

Here's the tricky part: the #Challenge sticker only lets you participate in and spread certain established challenges, but it doesn't let you know which ones are supported by the sticker. When you select the sticker, you can start typing the name of a challenge you want to use, and Instagram auto-completes what you started and provides the names of supported challenges just above the keyboard. Once you see the one you want to go with, select it and move on.

Instagram restricting the  challenges that can be used means that you're in charge of finding the challenges that you want to participate in ahead of time. Maybe you've seen one on someone else's IG Story already, or you were challenged by a friend. In this case, I'm going to do the "

3. How can you tag friends?

Once you've added the #Challenge sticker and selected the challenge you're using, it's time to tag friends so they can watch your story and take part in the challenge themselves.

This works the same way as selecting your challenge. Start typing after the @ and Instagram will auto-complete the names of people you might want to tag just above the keyboard. Keep typing the profile names you want to tag until they appear, and select the people you want to tag in your challenge story.

4. How can you find the best challenges on IG?

The best time to hop on a new Instagram challenge is right before it gets big. But it's difficult to identify what's trending until it's almost too late. That's why we put together this full Instagram Challenges tutorial on finding, creating, and participating in the latest Instagram challenges as quickly as possible. Here's the gist:

  1. Use Google Trends
  2. Turn on account notifications
  3. Make your own!

And in general, if you're tagged in a challenge by a friend or follower, join it no matter what! You never know what might take off, and following an easy IG Story trend is one of the most creative, interactive ways to use the app.

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