Since quarantine has limited most of our regular day-to-day activities, the world has turned to social media to keep us entertained. If you're like me, I am sure you have come across and/or gotten tagged in these various Instagram Story Challenges. Anywhere from the push-up challenge, drawing an apple and passing it on, or my favorite, the GIF challenge!

Now the GIF challenge is pretty simple. There are templates that have gone around such as "Get to know me in GIFs". You fill in the blank spots with your own GIFS that best describe you, and pass it on to your friends to do the same. I'm going to show you a fun and fast way to create your VERY own custom IG Story challenge template! And, if you really want to up your game, try creating your very own original GIFs and using them on the challenges!

Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Use Kapwing's IG Story Template
  2. Come up with an idea to turn into a GIF challenge
  3. Edit your template
  4. Post and share to friends!

Step 1. Use Kapwing's IG Story Template.

Kapwing has a bunch of different tools to choose from. To get to Kapwing's IG Story Template, locate the "Collections" or "Templates" in your workspace and find the "IG Story Template" option. Make sure to choose the first frame and set the output size to 9:16 once you are in.

Step 2. Turn your idea into a GIF challenge template

If you are stumped on ideas or unsure what is trending, you can research how to find different templates and keep up with the existing ones. Some fun ideas could be "My Mood in Foods" or "My Friends in GIFS". Any idea you have is not a bad one. Remember, these are silly and fun! I mean, you're describing things in GIFS.

To demonstrate, I will go ahead and create a "My Mood in Food GIFs". Because you will have multiple GIFs on the page, you'll want some type of neutral background. You can spend a long time just designing the background. Adding an image in the back, or just a color gradient works great.

Step 3. EDIT

Once you choose your background, you'll want to give it a title and fill-in options. You can do this by choosing "Text" and then using the "Shapes" to create the circles. Make sure you add "Gif Challenge" under the title so people know what it is and what to do when they get tagged! And most importantly, don't forget to add your IG username so you get credit for your awesome new design.

To get consistent sizing, you can copy and paste your shapes and text and move them around. I did this with the circles so they are all the same size, along with making sure the text is all the same font and size.

Step 4. Post and share to friends!

When you are satisfied with your newly designed GIF challenge, it's time to share it! Download the image onto your phone or whatever device you use to post to Instagram.

After your template is done, it's time to fill it out!

When you are ready, open up your Instagram and head to your story. Add your Open up your story and upload your GIF challenge template. Look for the 'stickers' at the top and search for the GIFs that you fit into the category and box. After you are finished, post your story! You can choose to nominate friends so they can do the challenge too.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful and you’re just as excited as I am to start creating your very own IG Story GIF Challenge. Kapwing has some other great resources that will help turn your videos into professional looking content. Feel free to tag us with a #kapwing for an extra like and follow on any platform! We appreciate any shoutouts, feedback, ideas, and general user love. Happy creating!

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