How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac and Windows

In only two steps, convert HEIC to JPG files on Mac or Windows without losing image quality or expanding the file size.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac and Windows

Since the iOS 11 update, iPhones are automatically saving photos as HEIC files to maintain the image quality while also being able to compress the file. But if you have a Windows computer, Chromebook, or PC, you may have trouble opening the HEIC files on your device.

Some applications aren't compatible with HEIC or HEVC files, so you'll need to convert them to JPG or PNG before uploading. Luckily, you can use Kapwing's free converter feature to quickly export HEIC files as JPEGs.

Kapwing has no ads or spammy download buttons, and it's free to use with no watermark. It's a great resource for people who need to quickly convert an HEIC file to a JPEG without needing to install any software programs. For example, students ran into this issue in 2020, some failing their AP Exams, because they were unable to submit their writing tests as an HEIC. They needed to convert their photos into a JPG.

In this article, we’ll make sure you don't run into this problem and cover how to convert HEIC to JPG on a Mac and Windows.

What is an HEIC file?

An HEIC file is Apple’s version of the High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF). Saving photos as an HEIC compresses the image file without losing its quality. iPhones with iOS 11 or later are being saved in the HEIC format instead of JPG automatically.

Converting HEIC to JPG on a Mac or Windows

Because the HEIC format was created by Apple, Mac computers automatically are able view photos in this format.

For Windows 10, you'll have to use the Microsoft extension, HEIF Image Extensions, to be able to view and open HEIC files. If you have an older operating system, you can use CopyTrans HEIC for Windows.

Now that you know your computer is compatible with HEIC files, follow these next two steps to convert an HEIC to JPG.

  1. Upload your image to Kapwing.
  2. Export and download.

Step 1: Upload your image to Kapwing.

Open the Kapwing Studio Editor and upload your image. On a Mac, your files might already be in the HEIC format and you can find your photos saved in your Photos app. If you have one of the apps we covered above for your Windows computer, your files should already be in HEIC format, just as a Mac computer would have them.

Once you've dropped your image into the Studio to upload, it will automatically convert your HEIC file into a JPG.

Step 2: Export and download.

When your image has been fully converted and uploaded, click "Export Image" in the top right corner of your workspace and download your project. Now you're all set!

If you have any other photo-editing needs, you can use other features Kapwing has like adding text, backgrounds, or even audio. You can even turn a live photo into a GIF. This is a full-featured tool that you can use to streamline your workflow across all your photo, video, and audio-editing needs.

You can also use Kapwing's converter to make MOV files, QT files, and HEVC videos into MP4s.

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