Besides creating visually appealing content, text can improve the accessibility of your videos and provide additional context.

In a few easy steps, I'll show you how to add text on TikTok so your video is compelling, engaging, and easy to understand. I'll also show you how to customize text with an online video editor then, upload the final project to TikTok.

  1. Open TikTok and tap the + icon.
  2. Record a video and tap the red checkmark or upload a video and tap next.
  3. Tap text at the bottom of the screen.
screenshot with steps for adding text to TikTok

From here you can choose from 16 colors, five font styles, and highlight or outline your text. To make text appear then disappear at a specific time, long-press the text and tap set duration otherwise, your text will be visible the entire video. Drag the ends of the clip to set the duration, then tap the checkmark.

screenshot on how to change text on TikTok

When you want to give your vocal cords a rest, use the text-to-speech feature. To activate this feature, long-press your text, then tap text-to-speech to convert it to a voiceover. TikTokers have also used this feature to add humor to their content. An otherwise serious argument takes an unexpected turn when you hear the monotonous voiceover play. More importantly, this feature unlocks another way for all creators to share their stories on TikTok.

Here's one last tip! If you're recording a video in TikTok, you can add text with a 90's effect. Before pressing record, tap effects, then trending or new and select 90s Word Art. Swipe to choose from four options and tap the text to begin typing. Pinch the text to move it and change the size. This is a simple way to jazz up your video.

How to Add Text on TikTok with Kapwing

The text feature in TikTok gives you everything you need...well almost. Manually typing captions is a pain (albeit necessary), the color selection is limited, and the font choices aren't the best. With Kapwing, I'll show you how to add stylish text to a video, then upload the final results to TikTok.

  1. Open Kapwing and upload a video
  2. Add Text
  3. Export and Download
  4. Upload to TikTok

Step One: Open Kapwing and Upload a Video

Let's get started by visiting Kapwing, then click start editing. Kapwing is a free browser-based video editor that's easy to use for beginners. I'm using my laptop and a Chrome browser to complete this tutorial. Upload a video or copy and paste a video URL. Make sure the output size is 9:16 so your video is the right size for TikTok.

screenshot with a finger pointing to the preset output sizes

Step Two: Add Text

Click text to begin typing and use the settings on the right side of the studio to change the color, font, and style. You can also add emojis and GIFs to give your text some flair. With Kapwing Pro, you can also upload custom fonts. Drag and drop the text layer to make it appear at a specific time and drag the ends to change the duration. You can generate captions by clicking subtitles, then auto-generate. Afterwards, you can customize the font, color and size.

screenshot showing how to add text and subtitles in Kapwing Studio

Step Three: Export and Download

Click export video to begin processing your MP4 for TikTok and when it's ready, click download to save it to your device. You can quickly remove the watermark by creating a free account with Kapwing.

screenshot of how to export a video in Kapwing Studio

Step Four: Upload on TikTok

Open TikTok, tap the plus icon then tap upload to add your video. Tap next until you get to the last screen then click post to share you TikTok video.  

You're all set to share your TikTok video with your followers! Keep in touch by following us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel for trendy TikTok tutorials. Below are a few related articles to read if you're interested in learning more about TikTok.

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