In today’s digital world, sometimes the art of decorative handwriting is forgotten. However, there’s countless calligraphy fonts available online that give your digital text a handwritten look. Calligraphy font allows you to brand your images and videos with a distinct style and cut through the noise of plain content.

It can be frustrating to search for the perfect font, then apply it to your images and videos. Either the online editor doesn’t provide the right font, or it doesn’t give you the option to add your own. In this article, you’ll learn how to do it both ways. And, you’ll see how to add the calligraphy to your images and videos to create engaging content for social media. Follow these steps to learn how:

  1. Upload Your Content
  2. Add Calligraphy Font
  3. Custom the Design
  4. Export and Download

1. Upload Your Content

First, open the Kapwing studio and ‘Click to upload’ the content from your device. If the content exists on another platform like Instagram or YouTube, copy the link on the post and paste it into the lower box.

Either way, you’re content will automatically upload to the studio -- just wait for it to fully load. Once that’s done, you’re ready to add a calligraphy font.

2. Add Calligraphy Font

Next, click ‘Text’ from the top toolbar to add a text box. Now, you can custom the message and drag the box around to place it where you like. To get a calligraphy font, select the text and change the font with the menu on the right side. In this example, I’m using the free font called “Calligraffiti” to give it that handwritten look.

If you want more options, click ‘More Fonts’ in the font drop menu to search every font on Kapwing and sort from A-Z. There’s tons of great fonts to choose from like “Aquafina Script,” “Dancing Script” and “Lovers Quarrel.”

If none of those fonts satisfy, no worries. Kapwing gives Pro users the option to upload a custom font via a .ttf or .otf file. DaFont is a great website to find calligraphy fonts for free and they have thousands to choose from.

Just download your favorite font and upload to Kapwing. To learn more about going Pro, check out the FAQ for Kapwing’s Pro subscription.

3. Customize the Design

Now, it’s time to get creative. Select the calligraphy font and start editing with the tools on the right. There’s options to change text formatting, color, outline and background. Since calligraphy can be hard to read from a distance, I recommend a text outline, contrasting colors and the font size to be as big as possible.

Additionally, Kapwing gives you the tools to animate the text and add a drop shadow effect. This works especially well for videos and GIFs on social media because they grab attention like clockwork. Even for photos, animating the calligraphy font or adding a drop shadow will help the text stand out against the image background.

For video editors, click the ‘Timeline’ to adjust how long the text displays -- otherwise, the text will last the length of the video. It’s easy to slide the ends of the text element to shorten the duration.

Also, you can drag the entire element to place it at the correct time. To learn more about the timeline, check out this video about how to use the timeline in Kapwing.

4. Export and Download

When you’re finished customizing, open the ‘Settings’ tab from the top right to set the output file and the quality. If you animated the text for a photo, make sure it’s set to ‘GIF’ as the output. Otherwise, leave the output as is and change the quality if you want. Finally, click ‘Export’ from the top, wait for it to process and download the finished project.

Now, you should have a beautiful calligraphy font on your image or video to give it the perfect handwritten look. If this guide helped you add a calligraphy font,be sure to subscribe to the Kapwing Resources page for new tutorials. And, check out the related articles to keep learning:

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