How to Add an Animated Progress Bar on a Video

Want to increase engagement on your social media videos? Try adding a Progress Bar to make videos like Gary Vee! Now, you can complete this professional task in four clicks with Kapwing.

How to Add an Animated Progress Bar on a Video

Want to increase view time on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram videos? Try adding a progress bar.

Progress bars serve two purposes. First, they give the viewers more information about how much time is left in the video or scene, reassuring them about how much time it will take. For platforms like Instagram feed and the LinkedIn feed that don't have a progress bar, adding a visual indicator of the video duration is crucial for attracting views.

Second, they're an engaging visual element that constantly moves and changes, engaging the viewer and giving them the satisfaction of seeing it through to the end. They can make a video pop on the explore feed and give your social media videos a visually-consistent branded polish. For photo slideshows, a progress bar ties the video together and adds stimulating animation to an otherwise static picture.

Many of the world's best and most popular content creators use progress bars on their short-form videos for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Here's a clip from Gary Vee's Instagram.

In this article, I'm going to show you how to add a progress bar to your social media videos. This tutorial shows you how to add a progress bar using a free online video editor called Kapwing. Kapwing works on both phones and computers and enables you to add a progress-bar to a short-form video in four clicks:

  1. Upload video
  2. Add Progress Bar
  3. Choose color, size, style, and position
  4. Publish

Step 1: Upload Video

Start by opening Kapwing's Studio, the main social video editing tool. Then, upload your video that you want to add a progress bar to. Alternatively, you can choose to instead start with a solid progress bar template or progress bar template with slight opacity.

Creators can upload a file from their phone or computer or can import a video from YouTube, Google Drive, or other storage sites.

Step 2: Add Progress Bar

In the main toolbar, click "Shapes" then "+ Add a Progress Bar." The default will appear, by default, at the bottom of the canvas.

You can choose to add multiple progress bars to your canvas if you want to create a custom animated design. The progress bar always lasts for the full duration of the video and fills up gradually over the course of the video. If you trim your video, change the speed, or add another layer that alters the duration of the scene, the progress bar will automatically update to the new duration.

Step 3: Choose color, size, style, and position

Use the drag-and-drop sliders to position and size the progress bar as an overlay on your video. It can be at the bottom of the canvas under your video or aligned with other visual elements in your video design. It can span the full width of the canvas or a small part.

In the right-hand panel, change the bar's fill color, outline color, and outline thickness. You can also adjust the opacity to make a semi-opaque progress bar. Use your hex colors to choose a color that matches the video's title text.

On Kapwing, you can choose from several visual styles for your progress bar. There are options to add a gradient (where the colored fills up with an Ombre style, moving from transparent to opaque), a background, or a glow around the progress bar. Click through the style options to preview what they would look like in your video.

Experiment with new styles by creating multiple progress bars. For example, you can create two progress bars that meet in the middle and both take up half the screen, or four progress bars that each move towards the corner.

Step 4: Publish

Once your video and progress bar look good, click the "Publish" button to get the output video with an animated progress bar overlaid on top. Kapwing will take a few seconds to burn the video together, and you'll see loading text while the "kittens" work.

After your video is done processing, you can download the video with a progress bar to publish on social media or share the link directly.

Thanks for reading! I hope that this article helps you get more engagement on social media platforms, design compelling Instagram Stories, and improve your video branding. Kapwing makes it free and accessible for anyone to create professional looking videos, regardless of their expertise with editing software. Share your videos with us using the hashtag #kapwing for an extra like and follow.