How to Use "Elements" on Kapwing

How to Use "Elements" on Kapwing

Shapes, progress bars, audio waveforms, oh my! Find all of these (and more coming) in our elements tab of the Studio editor.

What are the Elements?

"Elements" is the last tab in our main toolbar on Studio. This is where you can find additional elements you can add to your project that isn't something you uploaded.

How do I use Shapes?

You can use shapes to add emphasis to images, videos, or text. If you add a square or circle and change the color so that the fill is transparent but the outline is colored, you can add borders or outline points in your project - whether it's circling something on an image, video, or in the text you add.

If your image or video border needs a bit more flair, but you don't want to use an emoji because you want to keep it professional, you can try adding a star or a thumbs up!

How do I add a Progress Bar to my video on Kapwing?

Progress bars are super helpful for social media posts because it lets views know how long of the video is left. Having a progress bar also keeps viewers engaged for longer since they're aware of how much time is left.

To add a progress bar to your video:
1. Upload your video
2. Click into the "elements" tab
3. Select "add a progress bar"
4. Reposition your progress bar, change the color, and change the style of your progress bar
5. Click "Export video" to merge your progress bar onto your video
6. Upload and share on social media!

How do I add an Audiowave to my video on Kapwing?

Audio waveforms are super useful for users trying to create content from just audio files. For example: you have a podcast, so you have an audio file with no video, but you want to upload a snippet onto Instagram. So you create a video with your audio and an audio waveform for the visual

To do this:
1. Start with a blank canvas, or upload an image you have associated to your Podcast or music
2. Click into the "elements" tab
3. Select "add a waveform"
4. Upload your audio using the upload modal (drag and drop, click and select, or paste a URL)
5. Change the style of your waveform, reposition it, change the color, resize the waveform, or trim your audio
6. Click "Export video" when you're finished
7. Share to social media platforms!

Currently, there is no way to reverse waveforms on Kapwing. However, you can export your video, upload it onto Kapwing's Reverse Video Tool, and edit it to show your waveforms going backwards.

Looking for more help?

Check our Release Notes for tutorials on how to use the latest Kapwing features!