10 Underrated Gaming YouTubers To Subscribe To

There are more gaming YouTubers than any other genre on the platform. 100 billion hours of gaming YouTubers were watched in 2020 alone. Watching people play video games is something we all did as a kid, if you were the younger sibling. These 10 gaming YouTubers are underappreciated and worth a sub.

10 Underrated Gaming YouTubers To Subscribe To

The YouTube gaming ecosystem has changed tremendously from when it first evolved in the early 2010's. Most gaming YouTubers get their views from playing one super popular game or creating a niche around a particular style of video content. There's also a lot of gamers who do reaction style videos.

These 10 gaming YouTubers are unique in their own ways, each targeting a different angle or game category that adds a cool viewpoint into the gaming spectrum. Regardless of what games you personally play, watching gaming YouTubers is a great way to step outside of your gaming comfort zones and learn about new games.

1. Vapidbobcat

Vapidbobcat is a great channel filled with a variety of long video game music playlists. Most playlists feature music from Nintendo's library of over thousands of games from the years. What's unique about Vapidbobcat's channel is that they curate playlists for particular seasons, feelings, or atmospheres using only video game OSTs. Putting on one of these playlists is a neat way to discover games you haven't played yet and decide to play them because of their groovy tunes.

2. Shesez

Have you ever played a video game and been unable to progress past an invisible barrier and wonder what the out-of-bounds area could look like? Perhaps when you were a kid, you and your friends imagined lore and stories for areas of a map that the player couldn't see. Shesez is a YouTuber who might be able to complete your childhood dreams, like seeing the buildings in the background of the Wii Sports tennis courts up close. Through a few tools, Shesez's YouTube series entitled, 'Boundary Break' allows him to free roam the camera in classic video games. Search his YouTube channel for games you've played before and you'll likely find at least one from your childhood that you can now finally see from any angle.

3. Ahoy

If you're looking for video game documentaries, YouTuber Ahoy has a great channel for you to check out. You'll become eager waiting for the next video to release, as there's sometimes months between uploads. Ahoy's soothing voice and dedication to quality is a combination that's ripe for binge watching.

Ahoy uses a ton of b-roll to make the quality and interest of his videos super high. You can use Pexels to add non-copyrighted stock videos straight to your Kapwing timeline, saving you and other YouTubers tons of time.

How to Add Pexels images to a video
How to add Pexels stock video to your video

4. Oddheader

Oddheader is known for his own Top 10 listicles. As an expert in the Easter egg finding community, Oddheader has put together a great catalog of interesting hidden discoveries in various genres of games. He's most well known for his lists featuring Easter eggs that the player was never meant to see. Discord is a place where many gamers spend time, so it makes sense that over 15,000 members have joined the Oddheader Discord to share new Easter eggs and discoveries in the community.

If you're looking to up your own Discord with bots and tools, but don't know where to get started, we've put together a list of 5 bots that every Discord server should add. If you need more help, we are happy to help you out in the Kapwing Discord.

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5. Videogamedunkey

"Dunkey has gone into a zone where irony and genuine emotions are so blurred together that they are basically impossible to distinguish and it’s getting disturbing," says the top comment on this video by Videogamedunkey. Dunkey, or bunkey, gunkey, or whatever -nkey he puts at the end of a video, has cemented himself as thee go to source of opinion for video game fans.

Much like how music critic Anthony Fantano, who ironically Dunkey has recently dunked on, has created an army of puppets that propagate his opinions on new music throughout the internet, Videogamedunkey holds the power to take over a game's fanbase with his own inside jokes that will overpower the game's existing community. KNACK 2 BABEY! There's no video game YouTuber list complete without Jason. His unbuyable critical opinion and deep crafted niche humor has been unmatched in this space for eight years.

6. SiIvaGunner

SilvaGunner is a group of various music editors who formed a joint YouTube channel to share their insane remixes of video game music. Posting sometimes upwards of 10 videos a day, there is probably already a remix made out of the video game song that's in your head right now. What separates this channel from other video game remix channels is the obscure references and musical quotes that have become a part of the SilvaGunner lore.

The joke in most of their videos won't be understood until someone in the comments figures it out. For example, in many of their videos you'll hear a reference to the Flintstones theme song which commenters have since labeled, "Grand Dad" ing. This channel has been deleted and come back many times because due to Nintendo's strict policy on copyright, but they have prevailed and still are around posting covers of Frank Ocean with the Zelda soundfont (okay not sure if they've gotten to this one yet, but they will).

7. NoClip

NoClip's mission is to tell authentic stories about video games, the people who make them, and those who play them. All of their videos are funded entirely by their fans through a Patreon and are free of advertising or sponsored content. What's really great about NoClip is that most of their documentaries feature someone who worked on the game and can give an incredible insight to a game that maybe you've played before. Watching the videos on this channel feels more like watching a professional Netflix documentary than a YouTube video.

8. Summoning Salt

Mario Kart is one the most played game series in our lifetimes, with hundreds of different tracks to choose from. Speed running, which means trying to finish or complete a task in a game as quickly as possible, has a very popular Mario Kart community. Finding new shortcuts is a huge part of being a successful Mario Kart speed runner, and the history in which these shortcuts are discovered by members of the MK community is usually an interesting watch. Summoning Salt is a great channel that puts together hour long documentaries on the history of certain tracks and records that have fallen over the years. You can fall down a deep rabbit hole of videos here, seeing as there are so many videos and each is high-quality.

9. Bowblax

It's tough to keep up with the drama that's comes about from gaming content creators. Having a go-to source for reliable coverage of what's happening with the people behind popular gaming videos is important for all gamers. For this article, there was originally a different YouTube channel in the number nine spot, but after searching that channel's name, I came across a video by Bowblax which taught me that channel was not full of good people with some pretty hard-hitting evidence. If you become a huge fan of a content creator, it's important to know in your heart that they're not some terrible person behind the camera. Bowblax is a great resource to learn about the wrong doings and up to date drama of members of the YouTube gaming community.

10. DidYouKnowGaming

Filled with facts and lost media from games past, DidYouKnowGaming is a gaming YouTube channel that's dedicated to teaching people about little unknown tidbits in games. There's no telling what you might learn or take away from watching one video. Watching gaming content on YouTube is fun, but being able to go up to one of your friends and impress them with a surprising fact from Metroid is more fun. If you like learning about video game facts, Easter eggs, secrets, censorship, and glitches, then this is the channel for you.

Creating your own video content is difficult but these YouTubers should give you some inspiration. Recording gameplay can be the toughest barrier of entry for new gaming YouTubers, but more tools have been added to make it easier for all gamers to record the game that they're playing.  Check out our gaming resources tag for a library of helpful articles for all gamers.

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