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Change the colors, brightness and appearance of your video

Adjust video for the perfect look online

Use Kapwing's powerful online editor to filter and adjust your content for free, without ever leaving the browser. Upload your own video or image. Use the sliders to adjust the properties of your image: brightness, contrast, saturation, blur, vignette, and more. When you're done, export and download your content.

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How to adjust video online

Get started by uploading your video or choosing a watermark template. Then, add your watermark, either by searching for it in “Images,” typing a text layer, or uploading a PNG file. You can use Kapwing’s Erase tool to make the background transparent. Then, drag the watermark layer to position it and resize and the timeline to change when the video appears and disappears. For an image or text watermark, you can stylize the appearance of the watermark by editing the opacity, color, outline, and rotation. Finally, export and save to publish your watermarked video on social media.

Kapwing’s adjustment tools give you creative control with simple drag and drop tools. Creators can choose from a set of preset filters or manually tweak the brightness, contrast, and appearance of their video with sliders. The video adjuster also allows for edits like trimming, cropping, muting, speeding up, rounding the corners, and resizing a video layer.

The Kapwing Studio is the easiest place to make videos online – no watermark, no downloads required, no hassle. We hope you enjoy making your videos with Kapwing.

Adjust Video
  1. Upload your video

    Upload a video from your iPhone, Android, PC or Tablet, or paste a link to the video you would like to adjust.

  2. Adjust your video or apply a filter

    Select one of our preset filters, or adjust your video manually by changing the brightness, constrast, saturation, and more. Click Apply Filter or Done Adjusting button to commit your changes.

  3. Export and share!

    When you're ready to download, hit the Export button and give Kapwing some time to process your project. Once it’s done, you can download your finished video or share it directly on social media!

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Mary P.
News Writer / Executive Producer
A brilliant content creation tool for social media that has a tonne of features available even in the free version. Kapwing is an incredible tool for social media content creation, be it GIF's, images, videos, it has a suite of tools to create awesome looking content in minutes.
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Tom F.
Co-Founder in Marketing
Kapwing is great for various reasons. There's a lot of features for both images and video, all of which are extremely easy to use. I also like that the Kapwing staff responds quickly to user feedback and input. If you create content, even using high end software, there's likely a reason for you to still use Kapwing for something.
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Rosa W.
Media Production Partner
Kapwing is pure genius. It takes a number of small, easy video tasks, and makes them easier. No need to download software just to reverse or resize a video.
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