If you shoot a video in one orientation but want to publish it in another, you need to turn it right-side up or upside down. For example, creators might want to rotate their video if:

  • You switched your video from one orientation to the other halfway through the shot
  • You’re making a montage and want every image/photo to have the same aspect ratio
  • You post a landscape video on a vertical video app like IGTV or Snap
  • You want to make a video where it looks like you’re walking on the ceiling
  • A client at your social media agency asks you to
  • You want to post an Instagram Story on YouTube

There’s many other reasons you would want to rotate a video you’ve taken on a phone or camera. Or you may just want to for no reason at all! In this post, I’ll explain how to turn a video sideways online in four easy steps:

  1. Open Rotate Tool
  2. Upload Video
  3. Turn Video
  4. Process and Share

Step 1: Open Rotate Tool

The first step is to find a video editing program you can use to rotate the video. In this tutorial, I recommend Kapwing rotate tool. It’s free to use, works on every device (iPhones, Android, Macs, Windows, etc), and was designed for video editing beginners.

Rotate Video Homepage

Since Kapwing is a website, users don’t have to download anything to use it. Just go to Kapwing.com‘s homepage and find the Rotate Tool.

Step 2: Upload Video

The next step is to upload your video into the browser. With Kapwing, people can import directly from YouTube video by pasting a YouTube URL. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop to upload or find the video on your device. Kapwing supports videos up to 250 MB and most video file types.

After uploading, preview of the original video will appear in the editor.

Step 3: Rotate Video

Now, use the buttons to turn your video sideways. You can also mirror or flip your video across the center axis.

If you want to cut off parts of your video you can click “Trim video” which allows you to adjust the beginning and ending of the clip.

Step 4: Process and Share

Once you’ve turned your video sideways and the preview looks correct, click CREATE to process your video. You can share the URL directly with friends or download the video to publish on social media. To rotate a video on an iPhone, you’ll need to either install the Kapwing iOS app or long press on the video to download it.

Kapwing is free to use, but there will be a small watermark on the output video. Creators can sign in to remove the watermark for free.


We built Kapwing to help people on any device make the video they want, turned whichever way they want. Thanks for reading! I hope this article helps you turn your video sideways for social media or whatever purpose you have.