The ability to customize your iPhone app icons has been a long desired feature among Apple fans, and it's now finally possible with the iOS 14 update. Across the internet, people with iOS devices are creating their own app icons and organizing their home screen to their liking. Social media has become a museum for sharing and marveling at the aesthetic designs people are coming up with.

In this tutorial video, we guide you through the full process of creating custom app icons on your iOS 14 device, from designing the images themselves to applying them as icons on your iPhone.

To create the images you want to use for the icons, we’re using a free online editor called Kapwing which works in the browser of phones, computers, and tablets. It allows you to resize to the exact dimensions for the different types of widgets so the images don’t get cut off when they are used as icons. The editor includes all the tools you need such as image search and an image background eraser.

To create the icons on your phone, we’ll use two apps: Shortcuts and Widgetsmith. Shortcuts is a default app that is automatically on iPhones and is used to add your custom images to app icons. Widgetsmith is a free app found in the App Store that enables you to make different sized widgets featuring your custom images.

Watch the video below for a full tutorial on how to create custom icons and organize your iOS 14 home screen:

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