If you’re a fan of Friday Beers, you know that it’s really hard to explain to other people why their videos can be so great. There’s really no one else doing what Friday Beers does, as simple as it is – what makes their videos hit so preposterously different?

I’ve done some digging, and I think I’ve cracked most of the formula. Friday Beers videos seem so simple, they have to be easy to make yourself. Right? Actually, yes – that’s right. Once you get the hang of their process, their common features, and the tools you need to emulate their video style, you can make videos like Friday Beers yourself. The only limit is your own creativity. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

1. Use YouTube Clips (Don’t watch a whole movie)
2. Always add your own music
3. NO clips longer than 10 seconds
4. Anything can fit your theme
5. Feel free to define your own theme

1. Use YouTube Clips (Don’t watch a whole movie, show, or game)

This one might seem obvious, but it’s actually surprising how easy it can be to collect your favorite clips from movies & TV online. Even scenes that you don’t think are very recognizable are probably uploaded to YouTube somewhere. Just look up lines, names, and titles, and chances are you can find what you’re looking for, even if it’s obscure.

Once you’ve found the scene you were looking for, copy the link and head over to Kapwing.com. Open the Studio, upload the video from YouTube, and trim it to the portion you want to use. Now you’re ready to mute, combine, add text, add music, and pull together your entire Friday Beers-style video in the same place.

2. Always add your own music

This is an important step. You might not even know it if you’re used to watching Friday Beers videos on mute, but most of their videos have some added music that plays throughout the whole collection of clips. Most of the time, they keep the sound from the source clip, even if they add their own captions, but the added music can help tie all the clips together.

The easiest way to do this is to find the audio track you want to use on YouTube, and upload it to the Kapwing Studio. You can start it at any point, trim it to a specific portion, and reduce its volume so the clips' audio can be heard, as well. Try to find something that fits the overall theme of your video: it can be funny, catchy, or overly dramatic.

3. NO clips longer than 10 seconds

Okay... this one isn't true 100% of the time, but as rules of thumb go, it's a good one to follow. Unless you found the perfect clip that can stay funny enough for people to stick around, try to string together video clips less than 10 seconds long apiece. Plus, if you compile shorter clips, people will definitely understand the Friday Beers reference – it's the most recognizable part of their brand.

Using the 10-second rule, you can make sure your videos always achieve a high degree of originality and unexpectedness. And it doesn't have to be that hard – pretty much all of Friday Beers's videos run under a minute long, so you'll rarely need to put more than 6 or 7 clips together for your vid to feel complete.

4. Anything can fit your theme

Friday Beers videos all have a specific theme that their videos make jokes about, but you probably wouldn't be able to figure it out just by seeing the clips unedited. Basically, no matter what your video is about, all sorts of clips can make it work.

Check out this example. Yes, Friday Beers hit absurdly different, but... at the Belmont Stakes? Friday Beers can make any clip work – and so can you. The Consumption Vortex could be thousands of clips, millions of clips. As long as you use great captions, you can use any videos – some of the ones that make the least sense are the funniest.

5. Feel free to define your own theme

Yes, Friday Beers usually covers similar stuff – their range isn't all that broad. But the way they make content can be applied to absolutely anything. You can make fandom content, personal brand content, meme content, sports content, political content – collecting clips and adding your own twist using subtitles, audio layers, and face overlays is a formula that can work for anything.

That's the best way to think about it: use the Friday Beers formula to bring hilarious, easily produced content to whatever you want to make. It's a proven concept: Friday Beers has almost a million Instagram followers, and they're ALL devoted fans. Whatever you want your account to be about, you can make it hit absurdly different.

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