How to Trim an MP3

How to trim an MP3 audio file for free online. Use this trustworty, ad-free tool to cut out sound effects, shorten a music track, or clip out the intro and outro from a sound file.

How to Trim an MP3

Trimming an MP3 could be useful for getting rid of mistakes when recording a voiceover, clipping out the chorus of a popular song, shortening a sound effect, or cleaning up a podcast. But how do you cut out a section of an audio file?

Tl;dr Use this free Audio Trimmer tool to cut down your song file.

In this article, I’ll explain how to trim an MP3 using a free online tool called Kapwing. Kapwing is an online editor for modern media.

Step One: Open Audio Trimmer

Start by opening up Kapwing’s free Audio Trimmer. You can find it on Kapwing’s Product Page or just click this link:

How to Trim an MP3

Kapwing is a website, so it works on phones, computers, and tablets. You can use it to trim an MP3 file that you have on your laptop, Android phone, or iPhone.

Step Two: Upload MP3

Start off by uploading the MP3 file that you want to trim. On a computer, you can drag and drop the file onto the purple “Upload” button.

If the audio is tied to a video (MP4 or MOV), you can upload a video file instead to trim down its soundtrack. If you want to extract the audio from a video file, right click on that video file in the timeline and "Detach Audio," or use the "Audio" tool in the sidebar to import the sound track of a video file only. Creators can also import a video from YouTube or music from Soundcloud.

After you upload your MP3, the soundtrack will appear in the editor. Use the white sliders on the track to adjust the start and end times of the audio file to your desired length. Listen the preview of the shortened MP3 in the upper left.

Step Three: Export and Download

Once your audio clip has the start and end time that you like, use the dropdown menu on the "Export" button to "Export as MP3." Click "Export Audio" to confirm your selection.

Kapwing will process your trimmed MP3 in the cloud, then give you the shortened MP3 to download. You can share it with your friends, listen to it in the browser, or save the file to import into other projects or listen to offline.

Thanks for reading! You can also use Kapwing to download YouTube videos as MP3s and trim MP4 files. Feel free to reach out to us over email or Twitter if you experience any issues trimming your MP3!