Chromebooks usually come with a webcam which makes recording videos easy. On the other hand, the tools to make a video with proper editing aren’t built-in.

You have two options. Use the recording as is or sign up for expensive software that’ll just slow you down. Actually, there’s a third option I forgot to mention. Use Kapwing, the free web-based editing software, to make a video exactly how you want it. Interested? Keep reading and I’ll show you how:

  1. Record your video
  2. Edit using Kapwing
  3. Upload where you want

Note: Instructions in this article apply to laptops running Chrome OS.

1. Record your video

First, in the corner of your Chromebook screen, select the Launcher. Search and open the camera app. Now, click the video icon and start the recording.

After you stop recording, find your video thumbnail in the bottom right corner.

2. Edit using Kapwing

Now, open the Kapwing Studio and upload the video you just created.

Kapwing gives you basic editing tools like trim, adjust and crop but also advanced tools like:

Add padding around your video
• Add fully custom subtitles
• Customize your background
• Add images and logos
• Change video speed
Mirror your video
Cut out sections
• Combine videos
• Make a video collage
• Export as a GIF
• Add fully custom text & animations

For this tutorial, we’ll make a simple video for social media. I’ll add borders, change the color and enter a catchy headline for my video.

To add borders, change the aspect ratio to 1:1, click ‘Lock Ratio’ under ‘SIZE’ and manually center the video.

To change the background, click the border and open the color picker under ‘Background Color’ on the right.

To add text, click ‘Text’ and enter a catchy headline to grab attention. Edit the text with the toolbar on the right.

If you want, click ‘Subtitles’ and let Kapwing’s AI subtitler add closed captions beneath your video!

Check out this article about auto-subtitling your video to learn more.

3. Upload where you want

When you’re done, click ‘Publish’ in the top right and Kapwing will process the video. Then, you can download the video or share it to your favorite social platform!

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