With the recent rise in popularity surrounding TikTok, millions of people have taken to creating their own. Developing the concept and filming the video isn’t too difficult, but the editing can prove to be semi-tricky.

That having been said, don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of dodging that extra time spent editing. Editing can truly prove to be the difference between a mediocre TikTok and a great one. That’s why I’m going to show you how you can easily edit any TikTok video.

Here is the what you’ll need to do:

  1. Upload your videos to Kapwing Studio
  2. Edit
  3. Publish and Download

Step One: Upload Your Videos to Kapwing Studio

Pick out the videos you’d like to include in the TikTok and head on over to Kapwing.com or the Kapwing app. One of the great perks of using an outside source to create your video is that the length of the TikTok can be longer than it would be if you recorded and edited solely using the app (1 minute as opposed to 15 seconds). Now, find the tools section and click on “Video Maker.” Hit the “Get Started” button and begin uploading all of your preselected videos.

Once they load on the screen, arrange them in whatever order you desire (and go ahead and delete “Scene 1” unless you want a title clip!)

Step Two: Edit

To start off, select the 9:16 aspect ratio in order to have the video formatted to the TikTok frame. Once you’ve done that, adjust the sizing and placement of the videos within the frame by going to “Edit in Studio.”

By selecting a scene and then clicking on that exact video in the frame, you will be presented with any array of options in which you can spice up your TikTok, such as: trimming the video length, speeding up the clip, or muting particular videos.

Now, get creative. Add text, images, audio, and/or subtitles. Create your own masterpiece of a TikTok!

Step Three: Publish and Download

When you feel as though your video is complete, click on the red “Publish” button at the top, right of the screen. Kapwing will process your finished product in a brief span of time. Tap to download once it’s done and boom — you have a brilliantly crafted TikTok. Just upload the video to your personal TikTok account and post! TikTok fame may ensue shortly thereafter.

Editing on the TikTok App

While it may be a little bit more tricky, editing on the TikTok app is also a viable option! To do so, you’re going to either film clips on the app and then press the red check mark or upload videos and then click “Next.” The editing screen will then present you with some options you can choose from including: adding sounds, effects, text, stickers, and filters.

When you're done editing the TikTok, click on the "Next" button located on the bottom, left of the screen. From there, you simply pick a caption and upload!

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