Twitter's Fleets feature is their own take on the Stories you've seen on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. They're little posts that stay up for 24 hours, usually consisting of an image or video with some additional text, emojis, or stickers.

The feature was released only yesterday (November 17, 2020), but we've already learned almost everything there is to know about what you can do with Fleets... and everything you can't. But if you want to add any text to your video Fleets using an Android device, you'll need to use a third-party app. It's one of the main edits you can make to a Fleet video, other than trimming and zooming in or out, so it's important to be able to add text to your Fleets.

Here's how you can add any text or captions to your video Fleets quickly, on any device, without downloading any apps, and with all the custom text options you need.

  1. Upload your video to the Kapwing Studio
  2. Add text boxes or subtitles
  3. Export, download, and share as a Fleet

Step 1: Upload Your Video to the Kapwing Studio

Fleets allow you to post two types of videos: ones in your camera roll or ones you record right in the app. This means that you can easily record your videos elsewhere and upload them as Fleets! In order to add text or captions to your Fleets videos, head over to in your browser and select the Start Editing button to enter the Kapwing Studio.

Screenshots showing how to enter the Kapwing Studio.

Here, you have the same two options to add your video as you do in Twitter, plus a third. You can select the Upload button to find a video you have saved on your phone or record a new video directly in Kapwing. You can also use the URL field to paste a link to any video you found on the web, or one you have stored in online locations like Google Drive.

Step 2: Add Text Boxes or Subtitles

Once you've selected, recorded, or pasted a link to your video, it's time to add your text or captions, since you're unable to do so in the Twitter app. There are two ways to do this: first, you can select the Text button in the upper toolbar and create as many text boxes as you need, all with custom font, color, background, shadow, size, position, outline, and even animation.

Screenshots showing all of Kapwing's text editing options and how to use them.

You can also automatically generate subtitles of the speech in your video by selecting the Subtitles option in the upper toolbar and hitting the Auto-Generate button. You can transcribe speech in any language, and even auto-translate it for international audiences. This offers an enormous boost to your Fleets' accessibility to audiences with hearing difficulties, foreign language audiences, and the majority of social media users who view videos with the sound off.

Screenshots demonstrating how to add auto-generated subtitles to a video using Kapwing.

Once your captions are generated, you may want to scroll through them and double-check their grammar and punctuation. Using the subtitle editing tools, you can adjust your captions' font, size, color, background, and position, as well.

Step 3: Export, Download, and Share as a Fleet

Once your text is added to your video and it looks the way you want, hit the red Export button at the top of your screen and give Kapwing some time to process your video. Since uploaded video Fleets can only be 30 seconds or less, your video should be ready to download in under 3 minutes. When it's fully processed, hit the Download button and the video will be saved straight to your device.

Screenshots showing how to download videos from Kapwing.

Now it's time to post your video as a Fleet – open your Twitter app and select the button in the top left that says "Add." Here, go to the Camera Roll tab at the bottom of the screen and select the video you created in Kapwing – it should be the most recent thing you saved. Once you've selected the video, you can trim off any portions you don't want to use and post it as a Fleet!

Screenshots demonstrating how to add a video Fleet from your Camera Roll.
Adding videos to your Fleets is even easier than recording them in the app.

I hope this article helps you add text to the videos you post as Fleets on Twitter! As the feature develops, there will surely be more and more ways for everyone to use it on any device. If you're interested in more of this content, subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube or subscribe to our Resources library below to receive newsletters, product updates, and more! In the meantime, read through some related articles on photo and video editing for Android users:

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