5 Videos You Can Create Using the Screen and Camera Recorder

5 Videos You Can Create Using the Screen and Camera Recorder

When sharing your screen, you capture your viewers’ attention. When communicating through a camera, you connect with them.

But what if you want to share what you’re doing on your screen and engage with your audience through your camera?

Let me tell you, there’s a tool for that: the screen and camera recorder.

How to Use the Screen and Camera Recorder

You can access Kapwing's free screen recorder and camera, listed as “Record Screen and Camera,” with the following steps:

  1. Head over to the Kapwing Studio and click "Record" on the left tab.
  2. Then, click "Record Screen and Camera."

3. Select your Microphone and Camera in the window pop-up.

If you want to turn off your microphone or camera, use the toggle switch on the right-hand side to do so.

4. You're ready to go!

Using the screen and camera recording feature lets you express yourself along with sharing what’s happening on the screen in front of you. Start taking your audience along for the ride with you.

By using this feature, you’ll be able to create a variety of videos from gameplays and reaction videos to training and educational videos. You can even create video messages to share your ideas to a friend or a colleague more articulately.

Here are five types of videos you can create using the screen recording and camera feature.

Gaming videos

The gaming community has grown massively within the past year as audiences have grown by 25% at 1.2 billion viewers worldwide. From live streaming to video gameplays, creators are usually seen on the side of the screen, sharing their experiences with their viewers. This style of content gives the creators’ audience the feeling of being included and as if they are playing the game with them.

Twitch streamer Fuslie's YouTube video "i hosted an island tour COMPETITION!"

Having the screen recorded along with your camera will create a shared experience when playing a game, whether it’s Valorant and you’re trying to defuse the spike or Animal Crossing and you're terraforming your island.

There are some video creators that would rather use other digital media to represent their own facial expressions or body language than their own appearance, which is respectable.

Reaction videos

Since their emergence in 2007, reaction videos have grown to become a fan favorite.

Think of horror films. Now, think of how you start to squint your eyes when you feel something about to pop up. You want your eyes to wander someplace else, but you can't find another subject to look at because all you have is the screen in front of you and a jump scare headed your way.

Now, add the camera recording. You feel even more connected when the camera frame appears and you see the video creator reacting the same way as you. They're as scared as you are. Good thing you have someone else to look at.

Jacksepticeye's YouTube video "Reacting to the Scariest Videos on the Internet #4" 

Sometimes live-streamers scroll through Reddit feeds and view content created by their communities. This binds the experience between creators and their audience, strengthening the bond more, regardless of a screen between the two.

OfflineTVerse's YouTube video "VALKYRAE wholesome review of nekonathann animator!!"

Whether your video contains jump scares or you're reacting to funny, wholesome content, share the experience with your viewers by learning how to record your screen and yourself for your next video.

Training videos or webinars

Creating quality training materials has always been challenging. You want to avoid miscommunication. You want to avoid vague instruction. You need to give your colleague, whether they're a new hire or a veteran, clarity in learning how a process works. The number of SaaS (software as a service) applications continue to grow 30% each year with small businesses averaging to about 102 different apps across departments. It's difficult to keep up with each one.

David Hsu's YouTube video "Retool, 4 minute demo"

As tech stacks continue to grow with their team, so does technology. By using both your camera and screen recorder, you're more capable of translating something complicated into simple language for your team.

If you're going to have applications for your team, it's time for them to dive deep and use them to drive results.

Online courses

Stop worrying about your internet connection or students accidentally unmuting themselves during your course. Engage your students asynchronously by creating videos for your online courses.

Since 2020, 98% of universities have moved their classes online. On the other hand, 77% of companies have provided online learning opportunities for their teams and the public.

8base Academy: "Develop a Custom CRM using Retool and 8base - Course 20"

Video messages/memos

Let’s say you just finished a call with someone. They could be a friend or a colleague. But, you got caught up on a certain topic during your meeting and didn’t have time to mention an important point you planned to bring up. Next thing you know, they’re already in another meeting or blocked off time on their calendar to focus on their work.

Use the screen recording and camera feature to cover the points you wanted to share with them and have them follow along on their own time.

Video message shared on Slack and seen by teammate with the eyes emoji.

Sharing your screen can certainly bring clarity in your message, but so can your appearance and voice. If you want your audience to engage with your content, engage with them in your videos through both a screen share and webcam. This will leave your viewers feeling more connected with you and compelled to take action towards the next step you want them to take (become a subscriber, sign up for a newsletter, download an e-book or guide, etc).

Learn more about video-editing tips and how to engage your audience by checking the related articles below or heading over to the Kapwing Resources page. If you want more in-depth digital media content, visit our YouTube channel and follow along with our team.

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