It hasn't come quite yet, but Halloween 2020 is bound to a bit different from any prior Spooky Season. Traditionally, Halloween may be the most public holiday of them all, so the public health demands of 2020 and the global coronavirus pandemic are most likely making a big impact on your Halloween plans.

Luckily, it's easy to find digital resources to make Halloween special this year. Whether you're a teacher giving fun art projects to your elementary students, a parent attempting to keep your child busy, or anyone wanting to make fun, festive, and frightening decorations for your door, lockscreen, or Twitter banner, here are 5 free Halloween templates that you can edit, download, and print. If you want to use these designs digitally, I recommend downloading them and importing them to the Kapwing Studio. There, you can instantly remove their background, as well as the white space in the middle, so you can create original digital designs like these in under a minute:

Pumpkin Template


This is the most searched-for Halloween template image on the web: a simple pumpkin outline. Perfect for artsy designs, jack-o-lantern sketches, and printed cutouts, the pumpkin is a staple for anyone's Halloween decorations.

Bat Template


Why are bats scary? It must be something about how unpredictable they are, flying every which way faster than your eyes can move. Or maybe it's because they only come out at night, and we're naturally a bit scared of the dark. Or it's because some of them are famed for sucking blood. Okay, there are plenty of reasons to feel afraid of bats, but there's no reason to fear this template! You can easily edit it in the Kapwing Studio, print it out for an art project, add it to a photo, or cut out several for paper decorations.

Ghost Template


BOOO! Are you scared? I didn't think so – this ghost is far more cute than it is frightening. But for Halloween parties, kids' art projects, artsy designs, and holiday decorations, you probably want more "Awww" than "AHHH!"

Spider Template


If you're cutting out your printable Halloween templates, then this spider design should be left to the experts – these 8 legs involve some serious scissor skill. But for digital designs, coloring projects, and spooky accents for social media pictures, it should be the perfect thing. Plus, I tried to give the legs enough volume to leave plenty of coloring room in the middle.

Halloween Party Invite Template


Halloween parties may look a bit different this year, but you can still bring people together for the haunted holiday, even if it's only over Zoom! Celebrate Halloween 2020 with this digital party invitation template, and invite all your closest friends to an online celebration. And if you're celebrating in person, remember to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and keep your events small.

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