The Twitter header image, or Twitter profile banner, is a prominent piece of real estate, so it's a perfect place to express your aesthetic. The image you show on Twitter can shape how people react to your tweets and perceive your brand.

Recently, a new style of Twitter headers has surged in popularity: the minimalist white header design. Some profiles have plain white headers with no iconography at all. This plain style blends in with Twitter's light mode and projects a quiet, blank vibe as a first impression.

Others use the plain white background to emphasize a visual element or design. You may have seen examples in Tumblr or Pinterest collections. These aesthetic posts have a white background with small graphic overlays, brief but poignant phrases or text messages, or designs that would be right at home as stick & poke tattoos. Sometimes, Twitter designers put a bar code image in the middle of the white banner with text underneath.

You can browse Google Images or Pinterest for white Twittter banners then re-post a designs that you like. Alternatively, you can create you own custom design by making the Twitter header image from scratch. It's simple to do online for free. Whether you want to use a imagistic line of poetry or a cute hand-drawn illustration, here's how to make your own custom white Twitter header:

  1. Open a blank white digital canvas
  2. Add your text, images, or designs
  3. Export and add to your Twitter profile

Step 1: Open a blank white digital canvas

Get started by going into Kapwing and getting started in the Studio.

Start creating your minimalist Twitter header image in just a couple seconds by clicking "Make It" and entering the Kapwing Studio with a pre-formatted 1500x500 blank white canvas where you can add any custom text, images, and designs to your banner picture.

Step 2: Add your text, images, or designs

Text: Now it's time to make the blank white canvas your own, with anything you want people to see when they come to your profile. I'll start with custom text. Select "Text" from the top toolbar and format your text box on the canvas.

For a minimalist white Twitter header style, you might want to go with a slightly messy, hand-written style font. Some of my favorite fonts for white Twitter Headers are Cedarville Cursive, Amatic SC, Indie Flower, and Shadows Into Light. These fonts have a handwritten style that makes the text feel personal and homegrown. In addition to font, you can change your text's style, color, outline, background, angle, format, and shadow.

Images: To add pictures to your canvas, click the "Images" tab in the upper toolbar and either upload a picture from your own device or search the web for the image you're looking for. If you have pictures that aren't plain white, but you want to use them, it's simple to remove the background from any picture with the Erase tool.

This can be a great way to import text message screenshots you want to use, combine minimalistic design elements you found online, upload icons, or choose parts of different photos you have saved on your phone.

Designs: In addition to text and images, you can create your very own designs in the Kapwing Studio, or combine them with images and text. Click "Elements" in the upper toolbar and choose the shape or line that you want to add to your canvas. For the minimalist aesthetic most popular in the white Twitter headers you'll see online, you might want to use thin lines and outlined shapes, using simple geometric designs or adding light geometric accents to your images and text. Here's an example of how simple shapes can be used in conjunction with stylized text for the perfect minimalist white Twitter header:

Step 3: Export and add to your Twitter profile

Once your minimalist aesthetic Twitter header looks just the way you want, click the Export button in the upper right corner and it'll be ready to download in just a couple seconds. Just click the Download button on the right side of the screen to save your header image to your device.

To add it to your Twitter profile, go to your profile tab on the web or in the app and select "Edit profile." Here, click or tap the header image field and choose the recently downloaded picture from your camera roll or file browser. Make sure it's positioned the way you want and hit "Save." Your minimalist white Twitter header is all set up!

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