For most businesses, it’s become much harder to make money during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are shutting down, going digital, changing their business models, and downsizing every day.

It may seem impossible to grow your business’s reach and revenue under 2020’s conditions, but there’s one place people are engaging with business as much as ever: social media. In this article, I’ll provide some tips & templates for creating polished, professional video ads for LinkedIn that are sure to bring more people to your site. Let’s get started.

Tips for creating a great LinkedIn ad

Add subtitles to your video

LinkedIn warns that a lot of your ad's viewers will be watching with their sound muted, so it's vital that you add open captions. With a versatile subtitling software like Kapwing, your subtitles don't have to get in the way, either: you can customize their size, font, style, color, position, and more to make them fit in seamlessly with your ad. It's estimated that up to 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound, so adding subtitles is a necessity in today's social media landscape.

Make sure it's branded

With the short attention spans of people scrolling through social media, you can't make the mistake of not putting your brand first. TV ads, for example, have the advantage of sustained viewership, and may not need to direct their audience to their branding right away. But on LinkedIn, most ads are viewed for under 15 seconds, so you'll need to get your brand's logo, name, or iconography on the screen early.

The easiest way to do this without interfering with the rest of your video is to simply add your logo in the corner. With any of these free templates, you can import a logo from online or local storage, filter it and change its opacity, and fit it into your video screen in whatever way you want.

Hook your viewer early

LinkedIn's marketing solutions recommend that you include the most important part of your video ad in its first 10 seconds, since viewership tends to drop off dramatically after that point. Easy ways to get your viewers involved early include interviewing a guest or introducing your product for a brief overview of how it works.

Keep it brief – under 15 seconds is best

A 2018 internal study conducted by LinkedIn showed that viewers of videos under 30 seconds in length were three times as likely to finish the ad, and their video specifications cite 15 seconds as the point at which videos become less effective. As long as your ad is planned out well and uses rich content like added text, music, and animated elements, you can fit a whole lot into a brief 15 or 30 second ad video. But if you want to tell a long, in-depth story about your brand or product, you should think about condensing your content.

Start with a small run

There's no way around it: LinkedIn ads tend to be fairly expensive when compared with other platforms. Some experienced users report that clicks from LinkedIn ads sometimes cost them as much as $5 a click, so you should start with something small before going all in on LinkedIn. For some businesses hoping to reach a specific audience, LinkedIn is an irreplaceable platform, but you should make sure early on that it's the right place for your video ads.

NOTE: Check out LinkedIn's comprehensive specifications page for video ads. Each of these templates is formatted perfectly for LinkedIn's ad formats, with the maximum resolution in the correct aspect ratios.

Template #1


I'll start with one of the simplest designs we have. Every element on this canvas can be customized and animated, from your video to the semi-transparent shapes in the lower left corner. For the template, I've just added a simple left-to-right wipe animation to an attention-grabbing text box.

Template #2


If you want to grab your viewers' attention with a short, pithy slogan or question, get started with this template. Animated bars with a glow effect give the appearance of a professionally produced clip, and every element on the canvas can be edited and animated.

Template #3


A splash of color can be an excellent way to grab your viewers' attention right away. While it's possible to overload your canvas visually, several moving, bright visual assets on screen can complement each other perfectly to draw your audience in and make them stick around for the rest of the video.

Template #4


If you want to get right down to the details, this kind of template is the place to start. Offer more information about your company or services by keeping a separate bar on the screen while your video clip describes each detail. Every part of the template can be customized to fit perfectly with your company's branding and visual style.

Template #5


LinkedIn videos ads can be presented in three different formats: landscape, square, and vertical. If you're trying to reach a mobile audience, vertical video ads may be the way to go, since they take up a whole lot more screen space than most ad formats. Keep in mind, however, that they will only appear on mobile screens, so be careful about the type of audience you're targeting.

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