10 Halloween Twitch Emote Ideas

Explore ten compelling Twitch emote ideas for your chat to make in time for Halloween.

10 Halloween Twitch Emote Ideas

With Halloween approaching, Twitch affiliates and partners are looking to add spooky images to the chat for haunting conversations. Ideally, at no cost to themselves.

Creating custom emotes sounds intimidating, but with the right image, minimal editing is necessary and you'll save a few dollars. Expressive jack-o-lanterns, spooky ghosts, and skulls are popular images you can resize, edit, and upload to Twitch, but there's more. In this article, I'm sharing ten Twitch emote ideas you can easily recreate for a Halloween-inspired chat.

Among Us Emote

Who knew an online game would be what everyone needed in 2020? The multi-player game, Among Us, became a viral sensation when home became the norm on the weekends. A Halloween-style crewmate will immediately spark conversations, recalling an unforgettable time in many lives.

Ghost Emote

Boos, the menacing ghosts from the Mario franchise, have everything you need for a Halloween Twitch emote. They convey playful intimidation, and ghosts are a staple for this yearly celebration. You could add a spooky background to amp up the haunting nature of this emote or make a transparent png so the Boo stands out.

Mummy Emote

A mummy emote is what a conversation calls for when you're not feeling quite like yourself. A mummified emote is easy to make. Find an image similar to the one below, resize it to 28x28, 56x56, and 112x112, and you have yourself a mummy emote.

Cat Jack-O-Latern Emote

You've seen the crying laughing cat emoji and grinning cat emoji, but have you seen a jack-o-lantern cat emote? This emote is a fun twist on a classic emoji users regularly reach for to express a range of emotions. Stock photo sites for creators provide creative imagery like the one below for you to modify and download.

Jack-O-Latern Emote

An old-fashioned jack-o-lantern is a go-to PNG or JPG for any Halloween emote collection. You can find faces with different expressions to convey how you're feeling. With a little creativity, you can overlap shapes onto the image to change the jack-o-lantern's expression..

Tombstone Emote

When something has left you  shocked, use a tombstone emote. This simple image immediately communicates a speechless state of being. You can add text that reads, "RIP" or another phrase to make it one of a kind.

Text Emote

Text emotes are images with short phrases that emphasize a statement. In addition to "yikes," you could try "boo" and "ahh" to share alongside your message. If you make a custom text emote, try to find scary fonts to create a scary quality.

Vampire Cat Emote

The cat emoji strikes again, but this time it's slightly reminiscent of a vampire. You can easily make your own version in Kapwing by arranging shapes onto the canvas until you have a vampire cat emoji. Change the color, style, and face then you'll have yourself an emote.

Skull Emote

A skull is a must for a Halloween emote. It's versatile, recognizable, and works well for spooky season and beyond. You can customize the emote with overlays and backgrounds or use a filter to change its overall appearance.

Vampire Smiley Face Emote

The vampire-like smiley face emote is another spin a popular emoji. The friendly grinning face you're used to seeing now has fangs and redness around the eyes, making for an eery appearance. You can also combine emojis to create a bizarre emote for Halloween.

Why stop at creating Halloween emotes for Twitch? You can create Discord stickers, Halloween profile pictures, wallpapers, and more to create a spooktacular aesthetic across online communities. For more tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter to stay connected.  

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