Slack has established itself as the default communication platform for businesses around the world and for good reason. The app makes it easy to connect with coworkers, make calls, plan projects, and quickly react to everything a company is doing online in real-time with custom emojis.

In fact, custom emojis are a cornerstone of the Slack experience. These tiny images found beneath the standard emojis provide a window into a company's culture, inside jokes, and past. There's no modern workplace experience quite like perusing your company's custom emoji set in Slack shortly after your start date.

While many of the most recognizable custom emojis like Party Parrot and the This is Fine Dog can be found in large online directories, the most effective and personal emojis are the ones you create and add to Slack yourself. These can be photos of your coworkers, images of your product or service, or memes that are specific to your office.

You don't need to be a designer or an engineer to build custom emojis and add them to your Slack Workspace either. Kapwing is free online editor that makes it easy to cut out any image and resize it to perfectly fit the Slack guidelines. Custom emojis must not exceed a maximum size of 128x128 pixels.

Watch the video below for a full tutorial on creating your own custom Slack emojis:

A video tutorial for creating custom Slack Emojis

We'd love to see what you create! Tag us @KapwingApp on Twitter and Instagram to share your custom emoji creations with us. We may even add a few of our favorites to our official company Slack workspace.

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