July 4th, 2021 will feel a lot more festive than 2020’s Independence Day. Things are opening up across the country and there are many ways to celebrate safely & responsibly.

To share your 4th of July festivities online, you should have some themed photos and videos to post on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter. I’ll give you 10 different editable 4th of July background images for you to use in social media posts or themed profile pictures and banner photos.

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1. Fireworks Vertical

4th of July Template

What really sets the 4th of July apart from every other holiday is the fireworks. Stores pop up in every town, booms are heard all night, and the sky lights up in dazzling celebration. Add some fireworks flair to any social media photo in this vertical format.

2. Fireworks Square

4th of July Template

This one is nearly identical to the first template, but it features a square aspect ratio, perfect for both social media posts and custom profile pictures.

3. Fireworks Transparent Circle

4th of July Template

This template also allows you to add a celebratory accent to your profile pictures on social media, with a circular border and transparent fireworks layers.

4. American Flag

4th of July Template

This is the simplest background of them all – place your 4th of July picture right in the middle of the American flag to add a patriotic theme to any post.

5. Pride American Flag

4th of July Template

A truer sense of patriotism celebrates the aspirations that justice seekers fight for every day. Bring Pride into July – and all months of the year – by celebrating the 4th of July with a rainbow American flag background frame.

6. American Flag Circle

4th of July Template

This last version of the American flag background is designed for custom profile picture edits. Add your profile picture in the middle of the flag circle and add it to any social media account with circular profile pictures.

7. Happy 4th Border

4th of July Template

Use this template for a classic 4th of July look, perfect for e-cards, emails, and print cards to send to friends & family for the holiday.

8. July 4th Square

4th of July Template

This template features another classic red, white, & blue look, but in a square aspect ration better suited for social media posts on various platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.

9. Sunflowers Horizontal

4th of July Template

July 4th isn't just about cookouts and fireworks – it's also about the beauty of summer and sharing time outdoors. This template features a cheery sunflower theme, along with a patriotic accent border.

10. Sunflowers Square

4th of July Template

Just like the last template, this one celebrates summertime festivities and outdoor beauty, using a 1:1 square frame for social media photos.

I hope I helped you find just the right background graphic for your July 4th social media content and edits! If you’re interested in more tips, tutorials, and templates to create great digital content in 2021, check out the Kapwing YouTube channel or read through some related articles on July 4th and photo background edits:

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