Looking for the best memes to share with your friends on the Fourth of July? Look no further than Kapwing's four favorite Independence Day memes! And if you're looking to make your own memes for the holiday weekend, check out Kapwing's Meme Templates!  

1 I Declared It.

Who better to make sense of American independence than Michael Scott from The Office? Use the "I Declared It" meme template!

2 Exploding Christmas

Family, friends, food, oh yeah, and fireworks. Make this meme here!  

3 Terrible Boom Boom Nightmare Day

Dog owners, this one's for you. Make this meme here!

4 Milk and Cookies

If you're lucky, he might leave an American flag under your pillow. Make this meme here!

Looking to make your own memes for the holiday weekend? Check out the Kapwing Studio to get started! And find hundreds of meme templates here! Happy Fourth!