How to Change the Background of a Picture

Changing the background of a picture is a quick way to give your photo a new look. In this article, I'm sharing how to change the background of a picture in a few steps.

How to Change the Background of a Picture

How many times have you swiped through your photo gallery and frowned at the sight of the background? A deleting spree probably sounds enticing, but there is a way to save your pictures.

That distracting object, bad lighting, and random people walking by can all be replaced with a new visually appealing background. In a few clicks, you can transform your photo by changing the background with Kapwing. Kapwing is a free browser-based video editor with intuitive tools we'll use to edit a picture. Let's get started!

  1. Upload a picture to Kapwing Studio
  2. Erase the background
  3. Add a new background
  4. Export and download

Step One: Upload a Picture to Kapwing Studio

Head over to Kapwing on your iPhone, Android, PC or tablet and click start editing to open the Studio. Click start with a blank canvas, then choose your preferred output size on the right side of the Studio. You can click custom to add your own dimensions too. There's a list of popular social media sizes at the bottom if you plan on sharing your picture to Instagram or Facebook.

There are a few ways you can import your picture into Kapwing. You can click upload to add a picture from your device, paste an image URL, or drag and drop a picture into the Studio. My files are all over the place so using the upload button is easiest for me.

Step Two: Erase the Background

Let's remove the current background so a new and compelling picture can take its place. All you have to do is click erase, then use the magic wand to select the background. If the magic wand is selecting sections from the foreground, move the circle to the left to change the sensitivity. You may have to adjust the sensitivity bar a few times to get the perfect setting. Your picture will look something like this after you select and remove a section from the background.

Use the erase brush to get those tiny nooks and crannies with sections of the background still remaining in the picture. When you're finished, click done and your picture should resemble the one below. A nice empty background with plenty of space for a new one.

Step Three: Add a New Background

Now for the fun part! You can make your new background anything that you want. You can add something flashy and fun like a bold pattern or keep it simple with a solid color. The choice is yours. I recommend using our plugins to find freely useable pictures from Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay, especially if you plan on sharing it to social media. Click plugins then choose one of the options on the right side of the Studio.

If you're still looking for the right background, click images and type in a search term that best describes what you're looking for. Try to be descriptive to pull up results that closely align with what you're envisioning. If I'm looking for an abstract picture with specific colors, I would type in "pink and green abstract background" to get the best results.

To add a background with a solid color, click a space beside your picture to pull up the canvas menu. Then, click the color panel to to choose a color or type in a hex code. You can use the eye dropper to select a color from your picture too. I like this option for when I need a really cohesive photo to share on my Instagram grid.

Once you have your background, click it then click backward to place it behind your picture. If you want, you can click adjust to fine-tune how your background appears. Drag the circle next to each setting to change the brightness, saturation, contrast, and more. Filters are another great way to change the feel of a picture and there are seventeen unique options to choose from.

Step Four: Export and Download

When you're finished editing your background, click export image at the top right corner of the Studio. If you're signed into Kapwing, you can save a watermark- free picture right away by clicking download. If not, you can create a free account with your Google or Facebook login credentials, then save your photo.

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