YouTube Shorts Downloader: How to Download YouTube Shorts

Today, you can't save YouTube Shorts within the app. Here's a reliable YouTube Shorts Downloader you can use to download YouTube Shorts videos.

YouTube Shorts Downloader: How to Download YouTube Shorts

You're scrolling through YouTube Shorts and you've found a certain video you want to save. This could be a video you want to refer to when checking the oil in your car or a video with an audio you want to save for yourself.

As of today, YouTube Shorts does not have the option to save videos within the app. But, there definitely is a way to download YouTube Shorts without the in-app option to.

Even though downloading a TikTok video is convenient (since you can do so in the app itself if the creator enabled downloading videos), when you download a YouTube Shorts video, there's no watermark stamped onto it.

Here’s how to download YouTube Shorts videos on your phone or any device.

In this article:

  1. Copy the link to the YouTube Short video
  2. Open this YouTube Shorts Downloader to paste your link
  3. Export and download

Find the YouTube Short you want to download. Tap on the “Share” button to open the sharing options menu. Then, copy the link to that YouTube short video.

Copy the link to the YouTube Short video you want to download.

In this example, I’m using Kapwing to download YouTube Shorts videos. I'd recommend Kapwing since you don’t have to download a new app on your phone and use any storage.

(Left): Kapwing's in-browser video editor. (Right): Copy and pasting the YouTube Shorts video in Kapwing.

When you upload the YouTube Short you want to download, you can use Kapwing's other features like the auto-subtitler, video translator, or their copyright-free library of images, video clips, and music.

Step 3. Export and download

Once you’ve uploaded your YouTube Short video and made all the edits you need, tap "Export" at the top of your screen.

Here, you’ll be able to select which format you want to export your project in: MP4, GIF, JPEG, or MP3. Before exporting, you can also adjust the file size to be smaller or bigger. These features are especially useful if you just want to strip the audio to the YouTube Shorts for your own use or compress the video to share anywhere. Just keep in mind, this will alter the resolution of your video along with it.

Export settings in Kapwing.

After you've picked the export settings for your project, tap "Export as ___" and your YouTube Short video will be processed for you to preview and download.  

Preview and download a YouTube Short video.

From there, you can download a file of the video or share it directly to social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok). By exporting this project, you're also saving it to your own workspace in Kapwing. This makes it easier for you to access and use for any other projects you might have.

I hope this article helped you learn how to download YouTube Shorts videos! Save and download any YouTube Short you want to keep track of your favorite videos and creators. Hopefully, YouTube Shorts will include a "Liked" or "Saved Shorts" library. But until then, copy and pasting does the job once again!