How to Make a WordPress Featured Image With the Right Size

Finding the right feature image can make all the difference for your Wordpress page. Here's how you can get the right size for your site's image.

How to Make a WordPress Featured Image With the Right Size

Choosing the right featured image for your WordPress blog can be the difference between getting a ton of views, or having your article slip through the cracks of the internet. The featured image will be the first picture you see in your article; greeting any reader as banner, setting up the themes, content, and style of the article following it. And it’s not just about the images on the picture, but the image size as well.

You always want to make sure that you have the right image size so that it helps with two things: the quality of the image and the size it takes up on the server. Having both of these in check will bring your article up another level and will also keep your image organization at a manageable size.

tl;dr – Use this free Wordpress Feature Image resizer to design your cover graphic or banner image. It will make a JPG file that is the perfect size: 1200x628 pixels.

I recommend using Kapwing to resize and edit your images for Squarespace. It works on any device, right in your browser, and allows you to crop and resize your pictures precisely, down to the pixel. Here's what you should know:

Part One: The Right Image Size: 1200:628
Part Two: Change Your Image Size
- Step One: Upload the Image to Kapwing
- Step Two: Change Image Dimensions
- Step Three: Export and Download
Part Three: Upload Featured Image to Wordpress

Part One: The Right Image Size

Before you can get your image to the size that it needs to be, you need to know what that size actually is.

The right image size is essential for your featured image.

Now, depending on the theme and template you are using for your blog, the ideal image size can change. You are going to want to check with the theme that you are using for your WordPress blog to see what it needs.

However, there is one size that will work for most themes and the dimensions that the community widely-recommends: 1200x628 pixels. This is the size that will provide the highest-quality image, as well as keep your file size from being too big.

Part Two: Change Your Image Size

Now it’s time to get your image to 1200x628 pixels, which can be done by using Kapwing’s image editing features.

Step One: Upload the Image to Kapwing

Head over to Kapwing’s Image Resizing tool and you will see three options to choose from: Get Started, Upload File, and a URL bar. Get Started will allow you to start from scratch, Upload File will let you use an image you have saved on your computer, and the URL bar will let you paste an image’s URL from the internet to edit.

You will want to upload your image to Kapwing.

If you have the image on your computer, ready to go, go ahead and click Upload File. Find your image on your computer and click on it to have it upload right into Kapwing’s editing suite.

Step Two: Change Image Dimensions

You will have a few options for image sizes, including your own custom dimensions.

Once the image is in the studio for you, you can look on the right side of your screen and you will see the Output Size option for you to change. There will be a few different presets that you can choose from, but to get the specific size, click on Custom Size.

Enter your own image dimensions.

This will open up a small window where you can put in your own image dimensions yourself, so go ahead and type in 1200 for the width, and 628 for the height. Click Done to set the output size for your image.

Step Three: Export and Download

The image dimensions are set and you are ready to export it out of Kapwing for you to use.

Clicking on Export Image to begin processing.

Look to the top-right corner of your screen to see the Export Image button, which you will then click on.

The options for using your image once it is exported.

This will send the image to Kapwing’s cloud services and once that is done, you will be taken to a new screen where you can choose what you want to do with your image.

The options are:

  • Download the file to your computer.
  • Head back into the studio for more editing.
  • Copy the file.

Click Download to bring your image into WordPress easily. This way, you can head over to WordPress and upload the image to your article.

Adding your featured image to WordPress is very simple, with the first thing you need to do being head over to the article you are wanting to use it for.

Adding a featured image is very easy. 

Click on the gear icon in upper-right corner of the writing screen, which will open up a sidebar where you can change a bunch of things for the article. You are going to want to scroll down and click on Featured Image, followed by Set Featured Image.

This opens a pop-up menu where you can go to the Media Library, use a photo from Google Photos, or take a free picture from Pexels. Since you have the image on your computer, click on Media Library.

The Media Library allows you to access all uploaded images. 

This will open up the Media Library window, where you can then click on Add New in the upper-left corner of the window. This will allow you to find wherever you have the featured image stored and upload it to use. Once it's in your Media Library, just highlight it and click on Insert.

When you publish your article, the featured image will be right there.

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