The Ultimate TikTok Trends List

We're keeping track of every TikTok trend we see to create the ultimate online encyclopedia of what's happening on the app every month. This is the Ultimate TikTok Trends List.

The Ultimate TikTok Trends List

Since the launch of TikTok, we've seen viral dances, skits, transitions, and even recipes take over the For You page. Who else has instant coffee in their cabinet from the whipped coffee phenomenon?

The ephemeral nature of these eye-catching trends makes it hard to remember each one. That's why we're putting together the ultimate list of TikTok trends for you to reference every month. This is the internet's only encyclopedia of the most memorable trends TikTok has to offer. We'll start with the latest trends at the top and work our way down to older trends that will jog your memory. Let's get started!

Honey, I See You Looking At Me TikTok Trend

September 2021

Users stitched videos together to show off themselves, friends, and significant others for the Honey, I See You Looking At Me TikTok trend. A black screen flashed between each clips for a dramatic effect while a song played in the background.


Honey , I see you looking at me #fyp #foryoupage

♬ eredeti hang - justgirl

In Heat TikTok Trend

September 2021

The In Heat editing trend featured videos and photos alternating with a black screen, creating a captivating strobe effect. The synced audio pulls the video together, making for a great viewing experience.



♬ in heat. - Hentai Xander

You Are Enough TikTok Trend

September 2021

The You Are Enough trend is the most heart-warming TikTok trend to date. Users shared videos and photos in response to a close ones insecurities in hopes of encouraging them. "You Are Enough" by Sleeping At Last plays in the background while videos and photos show that special someone is in fact enough.


i love you mom! #fyp

♬ You Are Enough - Sleeping At Last

Neon Hearts Tunnel Trend

September 2021

The Neon Hearts Tunnel trend combines transitions and effects for an eye-catching video. Users recorded themselves lip-synching "Love You Like a Love Song" by Selena Gomez, and when the transition was complete, neon hearts filled the background.


This was so much harder than I thought ☂️#fyp #trend #makeup #tv #hearttunnel

♬ why tf did this blow up huh - Riley

Raise a Toast Darla TikTok Trend

July 2021

Users are taking notes from Alfalfa in Little Rascals by professing their love with the Raise a Toast Darla TikTok trend. After that iconic moment from the movie plays, users show photos and videos of their family, friend, pet, and more to show their affection.


Forgot to hit the 60s :( #darla #fypシ #fypage #foryoupage

♬ Smile Keeper - Hm

Beer Poster TikTok Trend

June 2021

The Beer Poster Trend was the perfect viral moment for aspiring cover models. Users snapped selfies in front of beer brand logos, and the results were TikTok videos reminiscent of beer posters and advertisements.


If he doesn't wife me up I just don't know #beerposter #covergirl

♬ You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC

Adult Swim Trend

June 2021

The Adult Swim trend is one of the most head-turning  and confusing trends to watch, so what's the appeal? Here's the back story. Adult Swim is a programming block that aired on Cartoon Network to cater to an older audience at night. Think Family Guy and King of the Hill. The ad bumps (or commercials) feature a subtle "AS" logo and played before a show started. Now, creators are making a unique version of this commercial and are cleverly hiding the "AS" logo for viewers to spot.


I made this instead of actually studying #adultswim #apexams

♬ VANO 3000 - VANO 3000

3D Photo Trend

May 2021

The 3D Photo Trend found creators making stunning videos that put their still photos into motion giving the appearance of a 3D effect. The editing technique is achieved using TikTok's own video editing app called CapCut and the videos use the haunting dance song PHONKYTOWN by PlayaPhonk.


TUTORIAL: how to make a 3D photo 📸 ##3dphoto ##3dphototutorial ##3dphotoeffect ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner

♬ original sound - Jera Foster-Fell

Dramatic Story Trend

May 2021

Creators are walking us through the highs and lows of making life decisions with the dramatic story trend. This trend features an edited version of a sound from the popular game, Among Us. The crescendo and decrescendo heightens the twists and turns from the creator's story.


Once you start you can't stop #fyp

♬ original sound - Variations Everything

Meet the Group Trend

May 2021

Family, friends, and even pets take center stage with the meet the group trend. Creators share clips introducing their group while No Roots by Alice Merton plays in the background. A freeze frame with text captures each member, shares their name, and what they're known for in the group. The editing is reminiscent of opening credits to classic TV shows.


Alexa play crew love | fofas balofas 💛 #fyp #meetthegroup #besties #zodiacsigns

♬ No Roots - Alice Merton

I Work at the Bank Trend

May 2021

In this self referential trend, creators use a sound stating, "I hate people that work at the bank". Then, the audio reveals they actually work at the bank. While the audio plays, users include text on the video revealing what they say they hate followed by their real sentiments.


It’s called separation anxiety #besties #iworkatthebank #fyp #tiktokers #dulapeep

♬ Beach Bunny by Cloud 9 - Quinn

iPhone Photo Editing Trend

May 2021

Thanks to the iPhone photo editing trend, you can recreate that sun-kissed look all year round. Users follow a specific formula to adjust the app's settings and the results are a golden hour glow on your selfie. There are TikTok videos that recreate this hack on VSCO if you don't have an iPhone.


Go try it now !! #SkipTheRinse #foryoupage #editing #photo #filter #iphonehack #photohack #xyzbca #fyp #newtrend #musttry #inspo #fypシ #viral #fypp

♬ original sound - poussy fire🔥

Not a Photo Trend

April 2021

Creators had viewers staring at their screens in confusion with the "not a photo" trend. Creators recorded a video while sitting still then moved once the beat dropped. Some were as still as a picture while others were not as convincing.


♬ Моя голова винтом - ✨Мᴀᴩᴦᴏ✌🏻

Don't be Surprised Trend

April 2021

Creators shared their plans for the future with this trend and the videos varied from serious to hysterical.  After the audio says "don't be surprised if one day I just," a slideshow or video plays.


kidding.... kinda #catsoftiktok

♬ Dont be surprised if one day I - God

Marvel Shapeshift Trend

April 2021

When the long-awaited shapeshift filter launched in the U.S., trends immediately took off. Users made a grid with Marvel characters, then watched the filter shapeshift their picture to a face on the grid. The results were oftentimes shocking and hilarious. Some opted for grids with celebrities to find their lookalike or Harry Potter characters.


The amount of questions I have #shapeshifting #marvel #foryou

♬ Meiko Nakahara Fantasy Also drop me a follow - Oyasumi_shin

The Runaway Aurora Trend

April 2021

Users dazzled feeds with aesthetic videos thanks to the Runaway Aurora trend. Here's how the trends works. Individual recorded themselves with an Instagram filter while moving gracefully to the song Runaway Aurora. A snapshot is taken at different intervals and the filter is applied, revealing a silhouette against a magical background.  


Seni seviyorum @pelinyarr ❤️

♬ Runaway - AURORA

Inverted Trend

April 2021

This trend either boosted or hurt self-esteems. I attempted this challenge, and instantly regretted that decision. Creators applied the inverted filter to mirror their face, then a few taps revealed how symmetrical their face is or isn't.


this is so fun

♬ original sound - oliviarodeno_

Hopeful For Today Trend

April 2021

The "Hopeful for Today trend" took a comedic approach to character updates that occur at the end of movies. Creators used text overlay to share their intentions for the future while Hope by Faith Evans ft. Twista played in the background. Then, applied the freeze frame slow zoom effect to the video and revealed what actually happened.  


We know how this story ends 😭🛍. #hopefulfortoday #targetdoesitagain

♬ Hope (feat. Faith Evans) - Twista

More Than a Woman Transition

April 2021

The seamless and complex more than a woman transition captivated feeds as viewers watched for the big reveal. Creators moved their heads from side to side and eventually revealed a transformation at the end of the video.


I don’t know how y’all do these transitions it’s hard

♬ More Than A Woman - From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack - Bee Gees

Pass the Phone Challenge

March 2021

The pass the phone trend had users spilling the tea about someone else in the video. Here's how the trend worked. The first person states, "I'm passing the phone to the person who," followed by, an unappealing quality. In the end, most videos were harmless and fun to watch.


My students love me! #fyp #foryou #passthephonechallenge #teachersoftiktok @ainsleyp9 @calvinkruger0 @maddie_blackbourn @allisonmillea

♬ original sound - Kevin Silberman

The Inspirational Quotes Trend

March 2021

The inspirational quotes trend transforms funny, interesting, and sometimes rude things people have said into Pinterest-eque motivational posters. Users with an eye for design combined their artistic skills and memorable quotes to join in on this trend. To top it all off, A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton is playing in the background, adding to the irony. Each time this trend popped up on my FYP, I didn't know what to expect on the posters.


Part 2! Had to go through a lot of old tests to find these gems! What did I miss? #InspirationalQuotes #chemistry #chem

♬ A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

Now Look at This Trend

March 2021

The "now look at this" trend spotlights interesting things users have come across and want to share. After you hear "now look at this" from Kid Cudi's popular song, Day 'N' Nite users flip the camera or insert a clip that will make you laugh or scratch your head. I've seen videos capturing hilarious falls and videos featuring adorable animals being well...adorable.


#nowlookatthis #baby #cat #fyp #foyou #WinterVibes

♬ Day 'n' Nite - Kid Cudi

The Silhouette Challenge

February 2021

The silhouette challenge is the most risque trend to date, and it even stirred a little controversy. Participants dressed in ordinary clothes stand in a doorway while a remix of put your head on my shoulder plays in the background. When the beat drops, the vin rouge filter transforms the person into a sultry black silhouette with red lighting.


Is this how you thirst trap? #greenscreenvideo #redlight #redlightchallenge #englishbulldog #thirsttrap

♬ Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Giulia Di Nicolantonio

Dramatic Moments Trend

February 2021

The dramatic moments trend had creators sharing relatable and noteworthy events accompanied with the BGC drama sound effect. The sound heightens the drama and adds humor to these videos.  


You hurt me with this one 🥺💔

♬ BGC Drama Effect - whozmanzz

Michael Jackson "I'm Bad" Dance Trend

February 2021

Creators broke out their dance moves with the Michael Jackson "I'm Bad" dance trend. Users hit the the classic Michael Jackson toe stand pose to the song Bad and captured a screenshot in the pose.


I‘m Bad😝 #MichaelJackson #trendy#imbad #iceskating

♬ Bad (2012 Remaster) - Michael Jackson

Album Cover Challenge

February 2021

The album cover challenge takes ordinary clips and makes them into eye-catching photos fit for an album. Users gather short video clips and screenshot moments from each clip to create the cover. Then, the staple parental advisory sticker is placed in the bottom right corner to make the album cover appear more realistic.


Turning the video I’m proudest of into album covers ❤️ #albumcover #foryou #fyp #albumcoverchallenge

♬ Hiiipower x DIAND - Michael

Pinterest Lookalike Trend

February 2021

Have you ever wondered if you have a doppleganger? Well, the Pinterest lookalike trend attempted to uncover creators lookalikes and results were...interesting to say  the least. Creators uploaded a picture to Pinterest's visual search tool and AI did its magic to find a match. Some results were spot on while others had to take a second glance at the screen.


all these girls are queens @nessaabarrett @ananda @tinistoessel 💥 #pinterest #pinteresttrend

♬ original sound - Lars Sievers

The Rent Free Trend

January 2021

The rent free trend had creators sharing videos that made them smile, laugh, or scratch their heads. It all began when Jess Marciante asked the question, "What's a video that lives in your head rent free." Creators stitched the TikTok video with an unforgettable video and the comments rolled in.


#stitch with @jessssthemess Best newscast ever. #fyp #foryoupage #rentfree #blackbear

♬ original sound - lafleurski

I'm So Pretty Transition

January 2021

The "I'm so pretty" trend lasted longer than most TikTok trends due to the fun and easy transition that accompanies the music. Here's how the trend works. Users are ordinarily dressed and cover the screen with their hand each time the beat drops. After the eighth beat, users reveal themselves completely made over.  


leave some funny comments i’m bored. #fyp

♬ I'm So Pretty - chunkymonkeeyy

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