The social media world moves fast, and its trends can disappear or come back just as quickly as they began. For example, just this month huge publications like The New York Times and Vox have published articles on Instagram challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting global shutdowns.

The hundreds of Instagram challenges are fun to participate in, but they can be hard to find right away. And even once you've found one that you like, they're not always easy to follow – some involve advanced photo editing and design tools, and you may not know where to start.

That's why I've put together a few tips to help you find the newest Instagram challenges for you to participate in, as well as a list of existing Instagram Challenge templates so you can get started right away!

Now more than ever, Instagram challenge trends can come and go as quickly as you notice them. We came up with a few tips for staying on top of the latest IG trends:

Google Trends is such a useful tool, it's almost hard to believe it's totally free for everyone. Just go to and search for terms like "Instagram," "Instagram challenge," or "Instagram trend." Adjust the time period to the last week or even the past day, and scroll down to see "Related Queries." Here's where you'll find the challenges that people have been searching for the most! This can save you a ton of time searching through Instagram.

2. Turn on account notifications

Do you follow people who consistently post the newest Instagram trends? Instagram makes it super easy to stay up-to-date with them! Just go to someone's profile, hit the button that says "Following," and select the "Notifications" tab. Here, you can turn on post notifications – I recommend just adding IG Story notifications, since that's where most of the trending challenges happen.

3. Make your own!

This tip is a little bit different, but it's an important one: don't be afraid to start your own challenges! People are on Instagram a whole lot these days, and everyone is looking for something new to be a part of. Come up with a fun idea, make your own template image for others to copy, and spread a challenge around to your own followers! It might not take off like a viral challenge, but if just a few friends participate, it's still a bunch of fun.

Instagram Challenge Templates:

Once you've identified the hottest trending Instagram challenges, you're only halfway there. That's why we created this growing list of Instagram Challenge Templates to help you join challenges right away. Check them out:

IG Story Bingo Template

This challenge starts with a community sharing common experiences. Make an Instagram bingo board with classic experiences for your group, team, or subculture. Then post a blank Bingo on your own Story and save it as a highlight so that others can find it later. Encourage people to share their filled out bingo templates on their own Story. Read full Instagram bingo tutorial here.


24 Names, 24 Motives Template

In this challenge, add the names of 24 people who have influenced you or are special to you. But don't share the motive for each template until after you've tagged each person and they have DM'ed you. After they post their own 24 Names board, send them your personal 24 motives so that they can learn why you listed them and what the motive was.

The true virality of this 24 Names challenge comes from people's desperation to figure out why their friend listed them. In order to unlock the motive, they share a new set of 24 names.

If you've been tagged in a 24 Names, 24 Motives post, design your own board by using a template like this one. Then, post it on your story and tag each of your friends in the right number slot.


Get to Know Me in GIFs in GIFs/Emojis Template

Start your own "get to know me" board by designing a few blank spaces or circles with labels describing what type of sticker should fill in the blank. Then, share the blank template with your friends on your Instagram story and tag them to "nominate" them. Ask them to fill out your custom Instagram quiz template.

Use this Instagram quiz template to overlay a GIF animations, sticker, or emojis that represent you. This challenge shares parts of your personality or identity with others. Put an image in each circle or box to fill in the blank.


Before & After Picture Template

Make a before and after transformation image or video.


More Covid-19 Instagram Trend Templates

#MaskOn Your Profile for Coronavirus Safety
Social Distancing Bingo Instagram Bingo Template
"This or That" Instagram Story Template
See a Uni Send a Uni Instagram Challenge Template
Instagram Story Border Templates

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