The meme image of Bill Clinton sitting on the floor, listening to music through headphones while other albums litter the floor is a classic picture. It's been around for years, but it's just recently been the subject of a huge new Instagram challenge.

The Bill Clinton Album Challenge is simple – just recreate the Bill Clinton album meme. But it's easier said than done. The meme actually requires somewhat complex image editing software, since you need to be able to add multiple images to a partially transparent picture, then rotate & resize them.

But with the right tools, you can make your own version in under a minute, for free & online. Here's how:

  1. Open the Bill Clinton Album meme template
  2. Find & upload your album covers
  3. Download & share on Instagram

Step 1: Open the Bill Clinton Album meme template

This step couldn't be simpler: just click "Make It" under the blank Bill Clinton Album template. You'll go to the Kapwing Studio, where you can find & upload any album covers you want to use, then position them behind the transparent PNG image.


Step 2: Find & upload your album covers

Here's where the fun starts. If you have album cover images in mind, select the "Images" tab and search the web for the cover art you want to use. If you already have the album images saved, or you took some pictures yourself, click "Upload" and either paste a link to a picture online or look through your camera roll.

Then, just click & drag the pictures you added to reposition them. You can use the corner buttons to resize the images, and drag the rotate button to line them up with the blank spaces in the template. For mine, I just used the cover art for "IGOR" four times. I'm giving Bill some credit.

NOTE: Remember to select your album art and click "Send Backward" until the image layer is behind the Clinton template layer. This way, the album covers fit in fully with the background!

Step 3: Download & share on Instagram

Once all of your album covers are in place, hit the red Publish button and give Kapwing a couple seconds to process your picture. Select "Download" to save the image to your camera roll, and open Instagram. From your homepage, choose the button near the top left that says "Your Story" and open you camera roll using the bottom left button.

Now you can add your caption, hashtags, and other Instagram Story features and share your Bill Clinton album challenge story with your followers!

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