How to Make a LinkedIn Cover Story to Help Grow Your Network

What is a LinkedIn cover story? And how do you create one? Learn the basics of this fun networking tool in this guide.

How to Make a LinkedIn Cover Story to Help Grow Your Network

LinkedIn is the place to build your professional network. Whether you're looking for a new gig or trying to grow your personal brand, LinkedIn can help you reach your goals.

Nowadays, a ton of networking is done online via social media. There isn't a lot of face-to-face interaction and not too many chances to introduce yourself with the same gusto you would in person. Luckily, LinkedIn allows you to make a great first impression with the LinkedIn cover story.

In this guide, we'll dive into the basics of cover stories, including what they are and how to create your own.

What Is a LinkedIn Cover Story?

A LinkedIn cover story, also known as a profile video, is a short introduction video you can add right to your LinkedIn profile. Whenever someone visits your profile, a preview of the video will play where your typical profile photo would go. Visitors can then click on the mini video to watch it in full.

from Jane Jackson, Career Coach and LinkedIn Trainer

Why would you want to add a cover story to your profile? There are many benefits to this fun yet useful tool. Not only does it allow you to show off your awesome personality, but it also helps you share your professional goals with colleagues and potential employers in a more engaging way.

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How to Add a LinkedIn Cover Story to Your Profile

Creating Your LinkedIn Cover Story

How do you create your LinkedIn cover story? First, it's best to determine what you want to share with the world before you record your video.

Try writing out a short script and rehearsing it prior to recording. Be sure to introduce yourself by saying your name and what it is that you do.

You can then quickly discuss other information such as your career goals (if you're looking for a new job) or your business's story (if you're looking to network with potential customers).

The process of creating your LinkedIn cover story is simple. There are two methods you can choose from:

  • Recording a video inside the LinkedIn app
  • Recording a video and uploading it to the LinkedIn app

Recording a Video Inside the LinkedIn App

Currently, cover stories can only be added via mobile device. Luckily, you can add a video directly to your profile from right inside the app.

First, navigate to your LinkedIn app and then your profile. Underneath your profile photo, you'll see a "+" sign. Tap on that and then select Add profile video.

When you're ready to record, simply tap the red record button. When you're done, you'll be able to preview your cover story. Plus, you can add stickers and text if you wish to do so. When you're finished, select Next.

In the Adjust Preview screen, move your video around to crop it to your liking. This is the preview users will see when they hover over your profile pic, so make it count! When you're ready, select Share to profile.

Recording a Video and Uploading It to the LinkedIn App

Want more control over your video settings or want to edit your video before you post it? No problem, you can upload any video (that meets the size and length requirements, more on that in a moment) from your device.

Record and edit your intro video however you like, adding visual elements, filters, effects, and more. Just be sure to keep your personal visual brand in mind.

Once you're finished, navigate to your LinkedIn profile, tap "+" and then select Add profile video. Instead of recording, select the gallery icon to the left of the record button. Choose the video from your gallery.

If you're missing captions, heading text, or other design elements that you didn't add while editing, don't worry. You'll have the option to add stickers and text in the app, the same as if you'd recorded the video in LinkedIn.

Hit Next to adjust your cover story's preview settings and then you're ready to publish.

LinkedIn Profile Video Size and Length Requirements

Different social media platforms have different video size requirements. The same goes for LinkedIn. The recommended size and dimensions for a LinkedIn cover story is 1080px in width and 1920px in height. Your video should be formatted vertically with a 9:16 ratio.

What the heck is a 9:16 ratio? Good question. This ratio is commonly used for tall videos taken on smartphones. Luckily, your smartphone may have ratio settings built right in.

Look for these settings whenever you record your cover story. Or, you can always resize and repurpose an existing intro video using Kapwing's video resizing tool.

As for video length, your cover story cannot exceed 30 seconds. So, be sure to make your introduction short and sweet.

LinkedIn Cover Story Examples to Inspire You

Stuck on what to say inside your cover story? Below are some great examples to check out as you create.

Image shows Chelsea Jay's LinkedIn profile and cover story
from Chelsea Jay

Chelsea's cover story is simple, just her talking directly to camera, yet effective. Her smile is the first thing you see and it sheds light on her bright personality. Chelsea's message is clear and as "your fave unfiltered leadership coach," she doesn't need any fancy editing, because that's her brand. She's literally unfiltered.

If sweet and simple isn't your thing, though, you can definitely kick it up a notch and still keep it polished and professional. Take Pabel Martinez's cover story as an example.

from Pabel Martinez

Pabel's cover story uses animated text and other bold visual elements to tell a story — specifically, the story of professionals who are tired of having to make themselves smaller to fit in at work. The bright colors and constant movement tells viewers that as much as the words he's saying. Speaking of which, Pabel starts with a stat to immediately grab your attention and it works.

You can add text and animations outside of what's offered in LinkedIn's native editor with an online video editor, like Kapwing, to make an engaging cover story like this.

Ready to introduce yourself to the world? If you get stuck along the way, be sure to check out our Resource Library. It's packed full of video editing tips and tricks for both beginners and experts.