If you're aspiring to be a renowned gamer on YouTube, consider creating a memorable banner. A captivating banner can drive subscribers as you head towards YouTube stardom.

Most compelling banners feature three things. The name of the channel, a catchy tagline and a logo. These three features against an eye-catching background tell viewers everything they need to know about your channel within seconds. Below are a few examples from popular gaming channels on YouTube.


These banners can seem intimidating to make, especially if design isn't your thing. In this article, I'll help you easily whip up a custom gaming banner for free. Let's get started!

Step One: Open the YouTube Channel Art Template

In this tutorial, I'm using a free 2560 x 1440 YouTube banner template by Kapwing. Kapwing is a free video editor that empowers creators to make and edit media online from any device. For this tutorial, I recommend using your computer or a tablet with a keyboard. Open the channel art template then click edit this template to get started.

Step Two: Find and Upload a Background

To hook new subscribers, you'll need an eye-catching background that's distinct from other channels in your niche. Like the examples above, I recommend using a background that contrasts with any text and graphics so every element can be clearly seen by viewers.

For influencers with other social media channels, choose a background that's consistent with your other platforms to maintain brand consistency. If your background is ready to go, click upload at the top of the screen or drag and drop an image into the Studio. Alternatively, you can paste an image url or click plugins to find a freely usable picture. I decided to use the Pixabay plugin to find my background. Click backward to move your picture behind the safe areas.

Step Three: Edit the Banner

Let's make a few edits to give the banner more style and personalization. I'm going to click text on the left side of the Studio and add the name of my YouTube channel in the center. You can use the safe zones to guide where you place your text. Your banner will be significantly cropped for varying devices so it's important to stay within these defined areas. You can lower the opacity, change the font, choose a different color and adjust the size.

If you want to add gaming graphics to your banner, click upload or click image and type in a query to find pictures from Google. It helps to add "transparent background" or "PNG" to your query, but you can always click erase to remove the background. I used the Pixabay plugin to find images of game controllers. If you have a logo, now is a good time to upload and arrange it onto the banner. You can delete the safe zones when you're finished adding your graphics.  

Step Four: Export and Download

When you're finished adding any final touches to your gaming banner, click export image at the top of the screen to process the image. Click download to save it to your computer or sign in first with Facebook or Google to remove the watermark.

Step Five: Upload to YouTube

Login to your YouTube channel from your computer and click your profile picture in the top right corner. Click your channel from the dropdown menu then click the camera icon on your current banner. Under the banner image section, click change to upload your gaming banner and done to save the changes.

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