How to Make a Custom Pinterest Board Cover

Learn how to make eye-catching Pinterest board covers to polish your profile.

How to Make a Custom Pinterest Board Cover

Pinterest, a visual discovery engine, is the go-to website for finding inspirational content on the web. To keep this content organized and easily accessible, pins are saved to a designated board.    

Add a custom cover, and you have striking boards followers won't miss. These covers can be designed to create a fun theme, add branding to a profile, and be updated to show new designs and interests. In this article, I'll show you how to create custom Pinterest board covers to polish your profile.

  1. Upload and resize background in Kapwing
  2. Edit board cover
  3. Export and download
  4. Upload to Pinterest board

Step One: Upload and Resize Background in Kapwing

Let's get started by resizing the background image to ensure it is fully visible on the board. With your background image ready, visit Kapwing's resize image tool and upload a file or paste an image link. If you want to start with a blank canvas, click Get Started to open the Studio.

The ideal dimensions for a Pinterest board cover is 600 x 600 pixels. Select the image and click Custom under Output Size on the right side of the Studio to change the size. Type the width and height in the respective spaces, then click Done.

Step Two: Edit Board Cover

Now for the fun part! You can adjust the appearance of your board cover, add text, borders, and more to make it pop. Click Adjust to change the brightness, saturation, opacity, and more or click Filters to try out 17 unique filters on your image.

You can click Elements on the toolbar to add shapes and emojis and use the text tool to add a board title. Try different fonts, colors, and effects to customize the title. The drop-shadow effect can help text stand out from a background with a similar color and be customized to create a glowing text effect. I recommend using a large font size so your title can be easily read on smartphones and tablets.

The Pixabay plugin is helpful if you need free high-quality illustrations and frames to decorate your cover, and you can click Images to search for pictures, graphics, and stickers from the web. To upload original digital assets such as logos and watermarks, click Upload at the top or drag and drop your assets into the Studio.

Step Three: Export and Download

When you are ready to use the cover, click Export Image to begin processing the project then click, Download to save the board cover to your computer. You can click Make A Copy to duplicate the project and make a matching set of board covers or start from scratch to create a new design.

Step Four: Upload to Pinterest Board

Uploading the cover can initially seem confusing, but the following steps will have you updating your boards in no time. Head over to Pinterest, log in to your account, and click Create, then Create Pin.

Drag and drop the image from your computer or click to upload the image from your file browser. Click the down carrot and choose a board from the list. Make sure it's the right board for your cover, then click Publish.

Visit your profile page, click Saved, find the board, and click the pencil icon. Next, click the + symbol and select your board cover. You can move and scale your image to make a crop, then click Done to save the changes. Your new cover will appear on the board.

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