How to Make a Crab Rave Meme (+ Five Examples)

How to Make a Crab Rave Meme (+ Five Examples)

The Crab Rave video is the classic anti-meme. This video clip has been reused, remixed, and passed around so many times that it’s a meme of itself. Originally a music video published by Noisestorm of Monstercat, the Crab Rave represents any moment that is actually depressing or difficult. The text appears after a couple of seconds.

In the 30-second video, a huge group of crabs dance wildly to EDM music on a tropical island. The computer-generated clip is so weird and absurd that it represents any dystopian celebration.

In this article, I’ll show you how to create your own Crab Rave meme with a free online video editor called Kapwing. Kapwing already has a Crab Rave template, so you’ll just need to open the template, replace the text with your own text, and download the output video. You can also make a custom meme, if you want to add a border or different music to the Crab Rave video.

Kapwing is the web’s most popular video meme maker. Every day, people make more than 20,000 videos and images on Kapwing. It’s free to use and works on any phone, computer, or tablet. I highly recommend it for creative workflows.

How to Make a Crab Rave Meme

You can make your own meme in three steps:

  1. Open Kapwing’sMeme Generator. I recommend starting from this meme template, if you want to reuse the Crab Rave video instead of making a custom meme from a picture you upload. Open the Crab Rave meme template and click the purple “Make it” button to get started.
  2. Replace the text: Once you click to make your own Crab Rave meme, the video will play in the editor with two default text layers. Wait for a couple of seconds in the video for both text layers to appear, then click on each on to replace it with new text. Most Crab Rave memes have text describing a terrible situation, to contrast it with the absurd joy that the crab’s are expressing in the video. You can also change the color, music, size, font, or style of the text, trim the video to a shorter length, make it into a GIF, or click “Timeline” to adjust the timings.
  3. Create and download: Once your video preview looks right, click the “Publish” button to get your final video. Kapwing will process your MP4 by burning the text and music directly into the Crab Rave video

If you follow these three steps, you’ll have a Crab Rave meme that you can post on reddit, send to your friends, and share with the world on Instagram, YouTube or other social media platforms. You can download the MP4 or share the Kapwing URL with your friends. Happy meme making!

Kapwing is free to use, but there will be a small watermark in the corner. Creators can pay a fee to remove the watermark or subscribe to Kapwing’s Pro plan for unlimited no-watermark videos.


Monstercat released “Crab Rave” as an April Fool’s joke, but the song hit the top Billboards this fall and the original video has been watched more than 50 millions times. Here are some Crab Rave memes that creators made on Kapwing.

RIP the social platform G+

G+ is Gone Meme

Down with the 797

Boeing 797 is Gone
A crab rave meme about the death of Crab Rave
RIP to digital freedom for all EU citizens

That’s all! You can check out more Crab Rave examples memes on the template page. The meme is now officially one year old, so it’s time for a Crab Rave resurgence!

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