10 of the Best May the 4th Memes to Use This Star Wars Day

The Force is strong with these memes. We've curated 10 of the best May the 4th memes to help you celebrate Star Wars Day. Browse these Star Wars memes for inspiration or create your own using our May the 4th meme templates.

10 of the Best May the 4th Memes to Use This Star Wars Day

If you're searching for the perfect Star Wars Day meme to post this May 4th, look no further. These are the memes you're looking for.

We've rounded up 10 of the best May the 4th memes for you to share on social media, in the Star Wars channel of your company Slack, or even just in the family group chat.

You can even use our Star Wars meme templates to create your own custom May the 4th meme.

Let's get into it!

1. Padme and Anakin Tackle the Hard Topics

Make your own version with our meme template

This meme's still relatively fresh in the cultural consciousness, so it's a good one to pull out for Star Wars Day. The four panel structure of this meme makes it great for riffing about Star Wars or anything else!

2. Dads Love Baby Yoda

Mandalorian holding Baby Yoda with the text "Dads" and "The dog they said they didn't want"
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Every time we look at this Star Wars meme, we just immediately think of a dad in his La-Z-Boy recliner, snuggling the dog he told you three days ago not to bring home. So, shout out your dad on May the 4th with this meme.

3. Girlfriends Love Baby Yoda

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Maybe they put Baby Yoda (yes, we know his actual name is Grogu) in The Mandalorian just for merchandising. Maybe they didn't. Either way, that little green guy was a godsend for people trying to get their significant other to watch Star Wars with them.

4. Klaud the Slug Monster Live Reacts

Add a Live Slug Reaction with this meme template

The Live Slug Reaction meme is a little bit meta. It's a riff on the Live Tucker Reaction meme and uses this still of Klaud, a sluglike alien introduced in The Rise of Starwalker. But even if you don't know the whole history behind it, it's still a great reaction meme.

You can even turn Klaud into a custom Slack emoji to react in Slack channels with some Star Wars flare on May the 4th.

5. Well, Of Course We Know Him

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When your mom asks who filled the family group chat with nothing but May the 4th memes, you can respond with this meme. You're welcome.

6. Share Some Important News

Share your own important Rex meme

If you're anything like Rex, you've got something important to say. Even if it's just "May the Fourth be with you." Share your important thoughts with this meme on Star Wars Day.

7. What Do Your Jedi Eyes See, Obi-Wan?

Make your own version with our meme template

This meme uses screen shots from the trailer for the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Obi-Wan's expression in the final panel can be interpreted as slightly perplexed or even judgmental, which makes it a great reaction meme. Use it this May the 4th to throw a little shade.

8. No Is a Complete Sentence

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Sure, having to empty the dishwasher isn't *as* dramatic as learning that the galaxy's worst villain is actually your father (spoiler alert, sorry). But sometimes it feels just as bad.  

9. Move Over, Surprised Pikachu

Make your own Surprised Baby Yoda meme with our template.

When Baby Yoda elbowed out all of the other cute babies and animal sidekicks in his bid for the Internet's love, we got a lot of great memes. Including this take on the classic Surprised Pikachu. So, if you're thinking about sending a Surprised Pikachu this Star Wars Day, say it with Grogu instead.

10. How It Started vs. How It's Going, Yoda Edition

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We know, we know. Baby Yoda isn't actually Yoda. Still, the juxtaposition of young Grogu and old Yoda just feels right. We've all been the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed kid and, eventually, we all turn into the tired old man. Circle of life.

So, those are some of our favorite Star Wars memes to use on May the 4th. You can use our meme maker to create your own versions. If you do, make sure to let us know on social by using #MadeInKapwing on your post.

May the Fourth be with you!

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