An alignment chart meme is a 3×3 (sometime 5×5) grid of images organized by rankings of goodness in rows and lawfulness in columns. The images are people, places, or things (even concepts) chosen from a particular subculture. The categorizations are often humorous or absurd. You can easily generate your own meme with this alignment chart template.

storing bread alignment
Here is an example of how storing bread is aligned. Hilarious!

Step 1: Come up with your idea

Is there a TV show you really love? You could align its characters. You could align all the TV shows you love. Do you know a lot about political parties or capital cities? You can really align anything. The key is to come up with an idea and choose 9 photos (or videos) to categorize. Keep the URLs of these assets or save them to your desktop or phone for later.

Step 2: Edit the template

The Kapwing alignment chart template allows you to add your own images to an already constructed template.

Think about which images you want to go under which categorizations. You can always rearrange the images later.  Select “REPLACE” to replace the placeholder with your own image.

make alignment meme

Leveling up

  • To edit text you can click on it to adjust color, font, and size.
  • Add a background color by clicking “Background” at the bottom of the page.
  • Adding videos can also take your meme to the next level so consider doing an alignment chart of videos.

Step 3: Download and share your meme

Once you are done with your meme, click “CREATE” in the top right corner and then click “Download” to keep your meme forever. Share it on any and all social media platforms and tag #kapwing so we and the Kapwing community can see your video.