How to Create a Christmas List Online (Free Template)

A Christmas list is a great way to keep track of tasks and gifts for a smooth holiday. In this article, I'll show you how to make a festive Christmas list online you can download to assist with holiday planning.

How to Create a Christmas List Online (Free Template)

The holidays are a joyful and busy time of the year. Everything from sprucing up the home with sparkly decorations to shopping for sentimental gifts makes this season special. It's easy to lose track of what's next with all the hustle and bustle. A Christmas list is a great way to prioritize tasks for a smooth holiday!  

You can make a Christmas list to keep track of gifts that need purchasing or help kids make a wish list for Santa. If you're cooking up a large meal, this list can be used to type out ingredients and prevent last-minute grocery store runs. Make a bucket list of your favorite Christmas movies to watch during a cozy weekend at home.

A list is convenient for whatever your needs may be. In this article, I'm going to show you how to create a festive Christmas list online.

  1. Open the Christmas list template
  2. Customize the background and title
  3. Add text
  4. Export and Download

Step 1: Open the Christmas List Template

I'll be using Kapwing, a free online video and photo editor, for this tutorial. Click the blue Make It button below to open the Christmas list template. The size is set for 8x10 paper, but you can change the output size to one of the default options or click Custom to add different dimensions.


Step 2: Customize the Background and Title

It's time to jazz up the Christmas letter template to get into the holiday spirit. I'm going to customize my background with clip art. To do this, Click Images then, Image search to browse clip art pulled from Google. Click Upload if you want to use your own photos. Ornaments, a Christmas tree, stockings, and holly are a few clip art ideas to use in the background.

You can also click Elements, then shapes, and make a custom Christmas tree and ornaments. I added two triangles and squares to make a tree, then clicked Send Backward, so they're behind the lines. Next, I lowered the Opacity, so my text will be legible. Click the title to rename the template. Two title examples are "My Wish List" and "Christmas Gift Tracker." With the text selected, navigate to the right side of the studio to change the font style, size, and color.

Step 3: Add Text

Click Text to add the content of your list. Adjust the Font Size and Line Height so the text fits on each line. You can also click the blue dots on each corner to adjust the text.  

Step 4: Export and Download

When you are satisfied with the Christmas list, click Export, then Download to print. You can always edit your template and make additional lists for all your shopping needs!

I hope this tutorial helped you create a Christmas list for all your holiday planning! For more content, subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube and follow us on Twitter at @KapwingApp. Tag us on social media so we can see what you create, and check out the articles below for similar content!

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