Kapwing's Frequently Asked Questions

Kapwing's Frequently Asked Questions
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Welcome to our general FAQ!

In order to make our product the best it can be, we are constantly learning more about what our customers need and want from us. Every day we receive inquiries that push us to improve. But here are some responses to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I sign in without a Google or Facebook account?

Yes! You can link your workspace sign in to your email address. After creating a workspace with your desired email account, a sign-in code will be sent to your email box from "[email protected]". This code is valid for up to 20 minutes, but you can always generate a new code by restarting the sign in process. Check your spam folder if you can't find the email code there.

The only sign-on options available are through Gmail, Facebook, or email. Due to security concerns, we do not currently allow users to create unique usernames and passwords to access a workspace.

Note: Our sign-in code system does not work well with Yahoo's email server. If you have a Yahoo email, we recommend trying a different sign-in option. Custom email addresses created with Google can use the Gmail sign in option. For the smoothest sign in process we recommend using Gmail to sign in.

What is a folder?

A folder is a storage section where projects you create are stored. Workspaces on a paid plan have the ability to create multiple folders and move projects between folders.

How much does it cost to use Kapwing?

Kapwing provides a free experience with limitations as well as the option to upgrade to an Annual or Monthly Kapwing Paid Subscription Plan to unlock tools within our editing experience. The Free, Pro, and Business Plan limitations are listed on our Pricing Page.

What are Premium Tools?

Kapwing Premium Tools are accessible through a Paid subscription plan for users who desire more capabilities to create content. When you upgrade to a Kapwing Paid Plan, projects can be set to private and will be stored for an unlimited amount of time as long as the plan is active.  Learn more about Premium Tools included in a Paid Plan.

How do I cancel my Paid Plan?

We are sorry to see you go and hope you decide to return soon! Follow the steps within this help center article to cancel your Paid Plan. All Paid Plans are auto renewed until cancelled and cancellation request are honored at the end of the billing cycle. When a Paid Plan cancels at the end of the billing cycle Free Plan limitations will apply.

My video is “Unlisted”. What does that mean?

"Unlisted" is the default setting for content created on Kapwing. This means that the content is exported on Kapwing and is accessible to anyone who has the link or video ID.

Currently, Unlisted content on Kapwing is not easily searchable. Others may only view your content if they have the link or access to the video ID. This is similar to YouTube’s “Unlisted” feature.

If you do not want your content to be unlisted, there are two things you can do:

  1. Delete your content from Kapwing. Once a video is deleted there isn’t anything we can do from our end to get it back.
  2. Content created without an account (anonymous users) are automatically deleted from our servers within 3 days.
  3. Upgrade to a Kapwing Paid Plan and set your content to Private. This will make your content visible to only you, or anyone who you've shared your project or workspace with.

How do I delete my Kapwing account?

You can delete your account through your account settings by selecting "Delete Account" button. This action cannot be undone once it is confirmed.

Can I add text in foreign languages?

Kapwing supports over 150 international character sets! We are working on supporting more alphabets. Check out how to translate a video!

Do you have an app for Android or iPhone?

We don't have an app available at this time, but are hoping to launch in the future. Kapwing works on your phone browser just like it would on a laptop or desktop computer. Simply open your phone browser (Google Chrome is recommended), go to Kapwing.com and start editing! Learn more about saving projects to your device in our Save to Device article.

Does Kapwing work offline?

No. Right now, you need an internet connection to use Kapwing. You can use Kapwing online from any browser (Google Chrome is recommended).

Can I import from another site like Google Drive or YouTube?

Yes, you can! You can paste the URL of a video, GIF, or image to import it into Kapwing. Linked videos must be public. Make sure you have opened link sharing permissions so that Kapwing can import your file.

We do not yet support imports from all websites and the link must be to the source file.

My file upload is not working. What’s wrong?

If you get an error message, it’s possible that your video does not meet our upload requirements.

  • Check your internet connection. Spotty internet can make Kapwing not perform well.
  • Check the file extension. Kapwing supports most major file types, like .AVI, .FLV, .3GP, and other edge file type. However, it doesn't support all file types. It may be that your file extension is unsupported. If so, you can use other software to convert to .MP4 or upload to YouTube if you want to use your file on our website.
  • You can use our Convert tool to change a supported video file type (such as .MOV or .M4V) into an .MP4 file.
  • Check the file size. See our pricing page for exact limits.

How do I download my video?

Download your project from the export page. See full Help Center Article.

My export or download isn’t working, help?

Paid Plan users can Report a Problem directly from your project or directly from your workspace by selecting the help icon followed by selecting Report A Problem. See also Export Troubleshooting Tips.

What is your user privacy policy?

Read the full policy here (also in the footer of our website). Kapwing is committed to protecting user privacy under GDPR and CCPA.

Why is Kapwing the best video editor for beginners?

It's fast, it's free, there's no installation required, no ads, designed around tasks, works on all devices, straight forward use and tutorials, you can view and edit videos from URLs and it's simple! Users of all technical literacies can use Kapwing.

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