How to Manage Multiple Folders on Kapwing

Lavender background with the Kapwing Kat logo.

Why do I need more than one folder?

Having multiple folders makes it easier to organize and separate your projects into different groups. Very similar to the folders that you use to organize your work on your desktop!

Multiple folders are also super helpful when you need to share your folders to collaborate with other teammates or classmates, but you don't want to give them access to your full account or to your other projects.

Screenshot of a Kapwing folder with projects inside

How do I move a project from one folder to another?

In your folder:
1. Click on the dropdown menu under the project that you wish to move.
2. Select the "Move to" option.

Screenshot of inside folder, a project with the options dropdown open highlighting the "Move to" option.

3. Select the name of the folder that you wish to move your project to and "Confirm"
4. Make sure you see the green message stating that you have successfully moved your project to your desired folder. After you move your project, you will be redirected to the new folder.

Why am I not seeing my usual folder when I sign in?

Right now, Kapwing only supports signing in with a Google or Facebook Account or by email log in codes. This method is more secure and quick since you don't have to remember an additional password and username for our site. Since we rely on third party authentication, your folders(s), subscription(s) and projects are all associated with the email that you signed up to Kapwing with.

So if you've signed into Kapwing, and you're not seeing the correct folder, or it looks like your projects are all gone - make sure you've logged in with the correct email!